Immigrating overseas is nothing uncommon. Millions of people migrate every year. There are various reasons as to why someone would migrate, whether it is work, health or simply to start living a better life. For some, it may be a dream of them to move out from their country to live a life in another country. For others, they may be forced to work in another country. While for some, they were driven to make the decision to move to another country for the sake of their future generation because the kind of life they lead in their home country would not give them opportunities. Then there are also refugees that applies for naturalization after years of living in the country. No matter your reason of immigration, everyone would want to find a place that would be safest for themselves and their family. According to the World Population Review, the safest country to live in 2020 is Iceland. Here are the three reasons why Iceland is the safest country to live in. 

1 – No dangerous animal

The average temperature in Iceland ranges from negative 0.5 degrees in winter to 10 degrees in summer. It is a very cold country because it is located in the Arctic oceans. Because it is located up north, there is not much dangerous animal in the country. You cannot find animals like mosquitoes, ticks, bears and poisonous animals like snakes and spiders. You can walk at the forest and eat all the berries you can find without meeting a bear. You can camp anywhere without getting attacked by mosquitoes or fearing if a snake would sneak into the tent and bit you. You would find the Arctic Fox and it is not that harmful either. Those that are not familiar with human would not approach and if they do, it is just for food so you just have to wait until it goes away. 

2 – Low crime rate

The crime late in Iceland is very low. Due to the fact that the population is just 356,991, everyone in a way knows everyone so everyone can easily identify a criminal. They also have low tolerance on foreigner’s breaking the rules. Someone told the story that they went to Iceland for a week and while driving she forgot to put on the seatbelt. Although later, she put on her seatbelt, she was still stopped at the side of the road by police, claiming that a few minutes before she was not wearing her seatbelt. So apparently, one local lady saw her without a seatbelt and called the police, who is her acquittance, to report her. They are strict in keeping their country as safe as possible because they have such a small population, it is important that everyone feels safe. It is also hard to do crime when everyone practically knows one another. Their education also contributes to this because it is very cheap, all the citizens can afford education. Thus, with higher level of education and high employment rate, the community is secure that there is little reason for crime. 

crime scene tape 830x467 - The safest country to live in

3 – Equality for everyone

Iceland is a country that believes in equality. They cannot run from classifying people into groups but in areas where there are inequities, they made sure to reduce it as best as possible. They have a law that emphasise on women having the same pay as men for the same job. Same-sex marriage and same-sex adoption is legal in Iceland. Everyone is free to practice their own religion and they took the initiative to build a mosque and a Pagan religious center. 

Such are the three reasons why Iceland is the safest country in the world. However, you are most welcome to live in Malaysia. Although it is not as safe as Iceland, we are a very harmonious society because we are a multi-ethnic country. You can try find for property at Petaling Jaya. Try searching for Sunway Damansara property for sale and Mutiara Damansara property for sale for more ideal living space.

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