Internship is now part of the education system. Though not all courses require this, most are and this is why, every student should be prepared as once he is in the last year of his course, there is a good chance he will be required of hours of internship before he can graduate.

When I was about to graduate, I was also kind of scared and at the same time excited to start my internship. I am pretty sure every graduating student feels the same as after all, this is something that is already part of the real world. One will not be confined in the four walls of the classroom anymore, but he will be mingling with real world, real workers and real jobs.

What can one learn about internships? Check out our tips!

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Getting started with the internship

One thing I learned before is that not all companies will accept your application for internship. Yes, and it is important that a graduating student should know this beforehand so he will not pass the application on the last minute. Though this is not exactly as hard as when one is looking for a real job, still there are hurdles in the process. And one thing to note is that most companies will accept applicants if they are also eyeing graduates from that university. So, the choice of company will matter a lot.

Though there are times when we can’t help it as it is not as if one can change school all of a sudden, there are still some things an applicant can do. Yes, for one, he can become active in the digital world. He has to be sure that his profile will reflect on what he really wants like if he plans to apply in an IT company, he should be active in their platforms. There are many internships in the IT field at the job portal Kerija.

Internships will help a graduating student realize what he does not want to do

There are really times when we don’t yet what we want to pursue. We think we like this and that, but once we get the taste of it, we realize that it is not for us after all. This can also happen during an internship. It is at this time as well that one will realize what he wants. I came therefore to realize that diversifying the internships can help us see what we want to pursue.

An internship can lead to a future job

Though one’s focus should be to learn during an internship, but there are times when such can lead to a permanent job. Yes, this happens a lot of time when a graduating student enjoys a lot during his internship and at the same time, the boss of the company also appreciates his efforts. Again, we are not job-hunting during internship, and so, one’s focus should be to learn.

The passion of the applicant is as essential as his resume

Passion is always important as it can be equated to the determination of a person. And though we don’t really announce our passion, one can easily see if we are passionate about something. It will reflect on how we give importance to something and for sure, the company manager will see this as well in his employees as well as in his interns.

Take a look at this video to learn more tips on interview questions:

There are still a lot of things I learned during my internship and for sure, graduating students will also have to learn a lot while at the same time, enjoying the experience. One should really look forward to his internship because it is a taste of the real world!

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