The types of automation

Imagine yourself in a factory that produces cars. What would you see first, is it humans or robots? In a 21st century perspective, it is natural for the image of robots to appear first before humans because it is what currently dominating our industry. Robots are needed to build our cars instead of human because now that the population is at 7 billion people, everyone requires the convenience of transportation. The main transportation for majority of people in the world is cars because it is private and it is available at any time for us to use, instead of public transportation where there is a schedule to follow. Humans cannot mass produce cars in a short amount of time; thus, it is inevitable that eventually, robots would replace humans in the manufacturing of cars.  In the automation industry, there are many types of automation that can be found. As the industry grows over the year, people discover more and more ways to expand automation to fit better into the needs of many different sectors. This article would list three different types of automation in factory manufacture.

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1 – Fixed automation 

Fixed automation refers to the fixed sequence of processing operations by the equipment configuration. In other words, it has a fixed set of operation and it is configured to operate effectively. These programmed instructions are contained in various forms like, cams, gears, wiring and many others. The product style of these hardware is not easily changed over which is why it is considered fixed. It is categorized by high initial investment and high rate of production. This automation is typically used in mass production with a continuous flow. For examples, distillation processes, transfer lines and conveyors and many more. To achieve high output volumes, all these processes depend on mechanised machinery. 

2 – Programmable automation

The purpose of this automation is to produce products in batches. The products can be produced in range between few dozens to few thousand at a time. Every time there is a new batch to be produced, the equipment must be reprogrammed to accommodate to the new product design. The time it takes to reprogram the equipment would take quite some time so in this automation there will be a period of nonproductive because they need to reprogram the equipment. Then after they have reprogrammed it, they would have a period of production run for new batches and this is a cycle that keeps going. This contributes to low production rates because rather than specializing in one thing, the machine is built to adapt to product changeover. Industrial robots are a perfect example of a programmable automation. 

3 – Flexible automation is considered as an extension of the second automation. For the programmable automation, it requires time to reprogram it every time which brings a disadvantage due to the fact that there is a period of nonproductive. When there is a lost production time, it costs the company a lot of money. Thus, people created flexible automation where limitation of variety of products lead to faster changeover time and it can also be done automatically. This is done off-line so that the programming does not have to be keyed into the equipment itself but rather, a computer terminal. 

These are the evidence of progression in the development of automation in manufacturing. Even here, there are many companies involved in industrial automation in Malaysia that uses these types of automation such as top Malaysia moxa converter.…

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Top web design companies

Searching for top 3 web design companies Malaysia that will going to help you manage your website? Say less because this post is for you the website owner. You going to have a really wonderful website either for business or personal websites. Pretty sure that you know a wonderful website that always keeps on update their design and their content is a really good website so here is the top 3 web design companies Malaysia for you to choose to revamp or redesign back your website. Visit to get to know more about top website that got award.

The first one is Brand360 Sdn Bhd which is offered to helping insight, strategy, and marketing for their customer. Other than web development, Brand360 also offers digital marketing, content writing, brand strategy, corporate rebranding, positioning workshop, brand coaching, brand identity system, marketing collateral design, integrated marketing, go-to-market planning, and brand launch. There are some famous brands and companies be one of the clients and most of them really satisfy with their services such as Acer, Wonda, Calpis, ZoukOut, Rockwool, Selbourne, and Claytan. If you would like to contact them to manage your business they currently located at Bandar Seri Damansara, Kuala Lumpur or just pay a visit to them or else try to contact them via email or other social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and Twitter. 

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The next top 3 web design companies Malaysia is VeecoTech that is a web design company that eager to make a success for your business. This company focus to offer you services like website design, eCommerce, software, branding, and marketing solution for your business. VeecoTech also has successful give their services to their client like NaturalLooks, Jabil, ISLEE, PacificWest, AG, International University and Collage (INTI), and many more. For now, their success covered is society, finance, real estate, travel, retailer, energy, education, security, medical health care, and retailer industry. VeecoTech also makes a list of why you should trust them to manage your business is because they experience turn other’s brand into a reality. They also can custom unique elegant design for you. The most important thing why you should choose them is because their service price is really affordable and they will give 100% commitment when they manage your brand.


Let’s move on to the next company for the top 3 web design companies Malaysia is Rozzario. This company got award for the Malaysia first international digital agency. This company really amazing because successful done about 800+ project for their clients less in 3 years. Rozzario also promise to deliver their best services to their customer. Some client that successfully got their services from Rozzario is Carlanisa, Diversus, Face Design, Faspiration, GeoBeez, Beeru and many more. 

That’s all for the top 3 web design companies Malaysia so what are you waiting for and go be they client. This 3 company offer their best service for you and also affordable price. There also many review on internet said that they did not regret hire them to manage their business because this 3 company is the best company for them. …

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Etiquettes in Casino

Every place in the world has acceptable etiquettes that are expected of someone. When someone does not follow that, that’s when they are considered rude. The same thing goes to players in casinos. There are etiquettes for them to follow when they enter a casino. If they don’t, they would probably get kicked out from the casino. This article would list five etiquettes you have to abide by when you play at a casino. This is especially important for people who are used to online casino games but have never step into a physical casino.

1 – Do not take pictures

Leave the camera at home or at your room. Majority of casinos around the world does not agree to people taking pictures of the gaming floor. There will be people who wish to keep their presence at the casino private so please don’t go around the casino, taking pictures, oblivious to the glare from the players and staff. The best you can do to keep a picture of the great casinos is to buy the postcards at the souvenir store. 

2 – Dress properly

Although many casinos in Las Vegas allow the players to dress comfortably, there are other casinos out there that has a strict dress policy. Please do proper research on the place before you go and adhere to the existing policy because that can determine whether you get to stay or not. Depending on the casino, some would require you to wear a shirt or smart trousers. It is better to avoid wearing sneakers because there is a high possibility it is not allowed. 

3 – Put away your mobile 

When you go to a cinema and someone is talking on the phone loudly while the movie is airing, people would surely get mad at the person and chase that person out of the cinema. A similar situation can be applied in casinos. Talking loudly on your phone can distract other players from concentrating on their game. It is also considered rude to talk on your phone in a casino, especially when you are playing a game with other players. If you still do, a croupier would most likely ask you to turn off your phone or step away from the table and take your call somewhere else. 

4 – Chips

Buying chips is the most common mistake made by casino newcomers when they want to play a table game. You have to make sure the minimum and maximum bets for each table because it will differ, and you can see that on the boards because it is clearly displayed there. Prevent yourself from handing over 10USD when the board clearly state the minimum bet is 30USD. Also, do not hand in your money like you are paying for your stuff at a supermarket. Lightly place your money on the table and the croupier will notice this and change your money into chips, announcing the amount as he or she does so. 

5 – Avoid drinking too much

Casinos are fun and entertaining, and some people may take advantage of this to get so drunk but do not forget that you are not the only person at the casino. The are other people too and you should be considerate of them, especially if you have a habit of disturbing other guests when you are drunk. Additionally, when someone is so drunk, they cannot think logically. They will probably cause a scene or get into fights with other guests and this is not tolerated in casinos.

stop drinking - Etiquettes in Casino

If you feel physical casino does not suit you and you are more of a free spirit, you can always try online gambling sites. You can download kiss918 Indonesia to experience online gambling like no other. …

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A bright future for web designing

Nowadays the world is dominated by the internet. More and more people are opting for digital than analog. We are living in a world where everything is obtainable from your phone with a simple click rather than having to drive down to the shop to buy some groceries. This would simply increase in the future as the world gets more and more technologically advanced and the internet becomes an essential part of society’s life. With that said, there is a steady rise of numbers in business owners that turn to the internet to make their business more known as well as looking for opportunities to expand their business to a bigger capacity. Making a website is one of the first few steps that any business owners would take when they are trying to settle their business on the internet. Through their website, they would update their information and promote their products or services they provide. To further improve their business’s image, the owners would probably hire some web design companies to help them with the design of their web that would reflect on their virtuous principles as a company. 

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Web designing does not only consist of decorating the website for aesthetic purposes but it also deals with the programming of the website. Almost everyone who uses the internet has encountered a website that barely has any pleasing design and it takes too long to open a different section on the website while the information provided is basic, to say the least. Not only that, there is no space provided for users to communicate or ask questions but rather, they provide an email and expect the users to email them instead. Those are the reasons a business owner would require the talents of a web designer to create a wholesome website for their business. A good website must be responsive, easy to navigate, pleasing to the eyes, and informative, just to name a few. You would need proper knowledge and skills before you can actually web design your own website so I believe it would be better for you to invest in a good web designer so that your website would look neater and more professional. 

As more people are investing their time and money to build a good impression of their business in the internet, they would need a proper platform to introduce their business and with that comes the need to craft a website catered to the targeted market and audience of that particular business. People’s trust and confidence would differ on your willingness to invest on a good web design company. The better your business looks on the internet, the more people would trust and rely on your business. 

Thus, if you are currently looking for an extraordinary web design company that would blow your mind with their skills and professionalism, you can visit DZOO because not only it is an amazing web design company, it also a mobile app developer in Malaysia. They would assist you in creating the best website you would like for your business as well as mobile app that would expand your business to a wider audience. Get to know a lot of delicious food on the chef wan website. …

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