Relationship Ghosting – Warning Signs

Are you familiar with the term ghosting? This is when your partner will suddenly not show himself to you, maybe during a dinner date. When this happens, the one who is left behind will surely feel lost like she will have so many things to ask of herself as why someone is doing that to her. This is not only depressing, this can also yield that insecurity feeling. 

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How can you detect if someone is about to ghost you? Here some of the most common premonitions:

  • They don’t commit to your dates like they will only tell you that they will visit if they can find the time. This is a big sign that your boyfriend is not really into you as if he is, he will prioritize you and will make sure he can come to you. In fact, some will miss their appointments because they would prefer to be with their girl. 
  • He stops following you in some of your apps. It only shows that he is not interested about you anymore and he also does not want you to know his latest events. It could be that he is having fun with another girl and he does not want you to see pictures tagged to him. 
  • He will not tell you if he is going out with some friends and he will just say he is busy. He is not interested in you knowing who these friends are. This is a red flag as this means, he is hiding something from you. 
  • If you want to hang out with your common friends, he is not available. It seems that he is full of excuses and his appointments will always fall on the same dates. You will surely wonder when this is the situation most of the time, like he won’t enjoy when you are around. 
  • It would seem like every time you try to give your boyfriend a call, he sounds burdened and unhappy. Maybe he is just waiting for you to break up as he is not interested about you anymore. He never calls you anymore to plan for a date and every time you end up going out with him, it was because you initiated. 

So, do you think your boyfriend is about to ditch you? If you have this feeling, you can save face by doing it ahead. There is no hope for a relationship like this as obviously, he is interested in someone else. Don’t make yourself piteous as there are other guys out there. And if you miss the fun or the sex, you can always use one of the sex toys Malaysia for the time being. This is exciting to use, and you won’t need another person if you want to. View dildo Malaysia for more sex toys to explore!

You see, running after someone who shows the signs of ghosting is futile. You will just be scarred and will be embarrassed. Might as well accept the fact that your relationship is already ending and instead, you should be the one to pull the trigger. …

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