Iron And Steel Roof Frame Ideas For Modern Living

The roof frame is a structure that supports a building or dwelling, a frame that makes it steady, and connects and stabilizes also the lower part of the building (foundation). Old houses typically lack a proportional roof frame. The walls of traditional houses, which happen to be usually completed of brick, clay, or stone, also function as roof supports, apart from covering and dividing the room. Meanwhile, historical ancient buildings in your city that use to be terraced and have high ceilings use to be typically equipped with wooden frame constructions. After the industrial revolution and steel became popular, wooden roof trusses were replaced by iron roof frames. The consideration is that the iron roof frame is more durable and fireproof. 

steel roofing 830x554 - Iron And Steel Roof Frame Ideas For Modern Living

The bumbung besi frame is formed from vertical supports or pillars. Meanwhile, the horizontal section of the iron frame and other elements can provide structural support for the ceiling or floor. Mixed structures can also be applied, where the iron frame is combined with wooden beams and concrete slabs. 

Steel Roof Frame And Iron Roof

Steel frames are usually associated with warehouse, agricultural or industrial construction. However, steel roof trusses are increasingly popular for residential use rather than traditional roof trusses. In this example, lightweight steel sheets are attached to the steel beams to form the roof of the house. Invest in real estate today through a reliable agent. 


Iron roof truss as shown in the picture is lighter than similar structures made of concrete. In addition, the installation process is also faster. These advantages make metal roof trusses an ideal choice for renovation or building rehabilitation projects. In projects like this, it is common to find walls and partition walls to support the weight of the roof so that the walls cannot be torn down when the house is being renovated. In this case, a steel frame is used to replace the old, porous wooden frame. 

Load Support

In rehabilitation and renovation work, additions or changes need to be made in accordance with new functions or new living needs. Thus, excessive piles on the building structure must be avoided and the roof truss structure should be made as graceful as possible. The solution is to use lightweight steel frames and pillars and iron plates which are highly recommended for purposes like the one above. …

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