Can Dispute Resolution Save You financially?

Dispute resolution is the dispute settlement procedure between the two parties. Dispute resolution Importantly, the resolution of disputes can be a means to resolve conflicts without going to court.

In the absence of a circumstance when you need to settle conflicts inside your organization or with other parties, it is worth knowing and understanding ways of dispute resolution.

What is the aim of the resolution of a dispute?

Issue resolution is a means to resolve a disagreement or conflict, sometimes without going to a court and deciding on the dispute by a judge or a trial – which may be costly.

What is the alternate settlement of a dispute?

The conflict resolution process is commonly called alternative dispute settlement, suitable dispute settlement or ADR. The method may be utilized to try to resolve the majority of commercial issues. Four basic forms of conflict resolution are available.

Negotiations may be a beginning step for resolving disputes. All parties seek a mutual basis for a disagreement. These might be internal complaints relating to employment, managerial duties, or litigations with third parties, such as trading partners and investors.

The other party’s point of view is essential. But the disagreements are sometimes too wide, and the process of negotiations fails. This leads to the consideration of various conflict settlement solutions.


Mediation is a procedure by which the parties engaged in the disagreement meet, but it is with an impartial party – the mediator – which focuses on helping the parties in the dispute reach a solution with which either side can live.

The mediator is unbiased, and it is not his job to decide but to assist both parties in reaching a conclusion. Mediation is less formal and, as a consequence, far less expensive than arbitration and litigation processes.

In mediation, following a resolution a settlement agreement is drawn up which specifies what both sides agree to respect.


Arbitral proceedings are more formal. The issue is decided with an independent arbitrator. The parties offer proof and, in order to settle this issue, the arbitrator uses this information.

Issue resolution is when an employee is invited to aid the dispute to be resolved and to offer professional opinion regarding the best strategy.

Resolution of dispute Throughout the procedure, applicants deal with court proceedings and maintain all documents. The most expensive method of conflict resolution is generally litigation. If you go to court, the other party will probably also receive legal counsel from an expert.

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Dispute Resolution

The parties on both sides of the disagreement must take their side so that the other party may grasp their position and decide and then agree on a settlement.

At the end

Disputes can almost never be avoided. Whenever acting or pertaining to relying on the information of this page, professional legal counsel should always be sought. If you are seeking further advice on Dispute Resolution, please visit AIAC for more.…

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Strategies Of Making Successful Branding

For your brand to be successful, it needs to be clearly defined and appropriate to your target market. When it comes to branding, you might think that you’re done after you have a logo, tagline, and business card in place. The route to a successful brand strategy doesn’t begin until you’ve penetrated your brand into every level of your business and developed the discipline of top branding agencies in Malaysia to cover consistent performance into every behaviour, action, or communication – both internally and externally. In order to construct a relevant brand, you need to execute it consistently with employees, customers, prospects, and partners. For a brand to be successful, it must be used repeatedly.

In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to give up “just this one time” due to a lack of time or the belief that your efforts will only be used or seen internally. The fact that you have a good brand, however, will become immaterial if you falter. Your brand will never be recognised or remembered by anyone, including your own employees unless it is the same every time it is exposed to them. Brand recognition is impossible to develop without consistency, no matter how much money you spend on marketing. You’ve spent a lot of time creating a good brand identity that’s starting to seem schizophrenic with each lapse.

images 22 - Strategies Of Making Successful Branding

The branding process should be clear and straightforward.

Simple, memorable logos are the hallmarks of the world’s most popular brands. Why do we tend to recall and link ourselves with simple things, while ignoring or forgetting complicated ones?

There should be a change in branding

If you want to stand out from the crowd, your brand should be unique. Other similar products or services should not be confused with the brand, as this defeats the purpose of branding in its entirety. If you want your target customer to remember your brand while making a purchase, you need a distinctive brand. Because of this, the majority of multinational corporations take severe measures against trademark infringements in the first place.

Branding should be kept to a minimum

If you’re catering to an international audience, play it safe and do your homework. Your logo should not insult your target market in any manner. If it does, your business could be closed before any sales have been made. Consider the geographical and cultural sensibility while developing a brand identity.

Brand promise, brand qualities, and brand personality are the three most significant branding principles that form the core of all branding activities.

It is a promise made by the corporation to its customers. The promise should be clearly defined and describe the product or customer’s most crucial advantage.

Qualities like quality, innovation, and customer service are examples of brand qualities. All of these characteristics assist the company to deliver on its brand promise to its consumers. When a customer interacts with a brand, they experience its personality. In this way, the brand is a symbiotic synthesis of all three.…

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The Stress Of Entering Motherhood

Motherhood has never been easy. Becoming a mother is a lot about dealing with all the cultural norms, stereotypes, and identity crises too. People often forget that motherhood is a big change for all women. It is absolutely wonderful news but it is also delicate news that needs adjustment and time. They have so much to worry about from figuring out the best way to breastfeed, to thinking about the upbringing of their baby and toddlers. You also have to wonder if you want to go back to work, can you afford not to go back, how easy would it be to adjust, what will happen to our social life, how supportive is our spouse, and how hard will it be to accept the new you. 

Despite all the arguments, when you become a mother, you change. For good. Sure, you enjoy the same foods and enjoy going to the same old clubs but the experience is not the same again. This time it is with your changed senses, body, and ofcourse an additional member of your family that is now glued to your side. You child! As a mother, there is no proper way to explain the stress of entering motherhood and actually living it. Some people crack under the pressure and never recover from it unless they receive some professional help. Others learn coping mechanisms, adopt new thought processes and change their entire personality to accommodate the new changes in life. 

Becoming a mother is extremely hard, and there is a good chance no one has told you how to cope with the stress of it. Let’s talk about some of the different ways we can cope with this. 

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Make Sure To Share Your Burden And Responsibilities

People often forget that with motherhood also comes fatherhood. Your partner should be your rock during this entire journey. The important thing about having a partner is you both share everything. And that includes the burden and responsibilities of giving birth to a child. This is their child just as much as it is your child. Make sure you both have a support system where you evenly distribute your tasks. 

Taking Off Nights

Not every night is about being a mother. Unfortunately, the cultural norm does not entail that. But we are here to tell you that it is okay to take much-needed breaks. There is a crushing pressure on many women to do their best and spend extra time with their children. They throw in the facts about scientific studies to put this pressure on young mothers. When in reality, children can handle a little break from you. In fact, they need it just as you absolutely need it. Taking a break does not mean you love them any less. It means you need to recharge and be happy before you can get back to your motherly duties. The same goes for the father of the baby. Both need to be mentally happy and stable to take care of a baby. So ensure that you both have great support systems, utilize resources, get extra help, have fun night outs, watch a movie and enjoy! When needed, do not be afraid to get help from a professional. …

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The Most Underrated Form Of Digital Marketing: Email Marketing

Digital marketing is the use of digital media to fulfil the marketing objectives of the business. Many perceive digital marketing as the establishment of a fancy website, beautiful logo, high quality social media content, and a fancy mobile application. 

But, digital marketing goes beyond these tactics. There are thousands of things a business must do before taking their steps towards the mobile app. While there are millions of apps around the world, it is not exactly the strongest digital marketing solution either. The most underrated forms of digital marketing strategies are the most powerful of them all. All of these strategies are formulated almost for one main purpose. “To build a relationship”.  

Like all good things, the best solutions are the simplest of them all. Email marketing is one such solution that is often overlooked by a business but recommended by the best SEO company in Malaysia. They understand the hidden value and power of email marketing. 

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a form of digital marketing involving the use of direct mail for the purpose of attracting customers, building relationships with them and creating value for them. 

Email marketing is done by keeping constant contact with customers. Whether it is sending them the blog newsletter, updates on promotional periods, new product launches, company news, if you are letting your customer get daily updates from you then it is email marketing. 

While we may stop using facebook oneday, can you imagine never using email? I hardly doubt so. 

Over the years email marketing has been considered a “dead” form of marketing since email seems to be never used by anyone. We get thousands of mails everyday from various subscribers and no one seems to check them out. So how does it remain relevant and useful to business? 

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The Benefits And Relevancy Of Email Marketing

Email marketing was relevant and remains relevant. Social media marketing may seem like the new hype, but that is not to ignore the power of email marketing. You may not look at the business over and over through instagram,  but with email marketing businesses have the power to build a much closer relationship with their customer. This is a direct contact route to your customer instead of appealing to the mass target audience.

Like stated earlier on, email will always stay constant even if the usage of social media is restricted. Many get older and realize their time for social media is barely much. But for email,  we do tend to check them. We tend to read. We like information. We like the consumption of it. Especially if it is already well researched for us and being handed to us. 

What are some of the benefits of email marketing that marketers should be aware of? There are so many, and the list is endless. 

Email Marketing Gives You More Control 

Email marketing is something that garners action and response from our customers. Especially if the email is modified according to the needs of the customer. Curating an email gives the sender much more control compared to social media. Posting on social media is general and there is little targeting compared to email. An email marketer has direct power to influence  and turn your attention towards them, even for a few seconds. The power of email copywriting is not overstated enough. 

Email Marketing Has A Higher Return On Investment 

The reach is bigger, the audience is large, the personalization is higher and the customization is better. Emails can be incredibly personal for the sender and their receiver. Users and receivers have the power to sign up for your email subscriptions on their own will power and this is a powerful move compared to the actions garnered from social media. When people like on social media or give a follow on instagram, there is not much of a chance that people will actually see you. The results depend on the algorithm of social media. However with email, you are giving the receiver the power to view the content, the sender the power to turn your attention towards them. Hence there is a higher return on investment in email marketing, compared to social media. 

It also certainly helps that email improves the revenue opportunity for the business. As a receiver, I am more likely to click an email that can provide me with a discount, a promotional gift, click to purchase an ad and send me directly to the website. Email marketing can be powered and paired with our SEO strategy to help it push forward on the search rankings. 

Email Marketing Improves Brand Salience And Recognition 

We may not always open the email. The number of emails opened and responded to may be less but the fact you keep in touch is more than enough to bring about a higher brand awareness and brand salience. We know that there is a slim chance of you seeing our social media everyday. Social media only gets you so far compared to email. Email newsletters and promotional emails can help receivers keep updated with the latest updates from the company. This can also help receivers feel much closer to the brand and their recall of the brand will also be increased. 

Email Marketing Provides Customer Lifetime Value 

The customer lifetime value created using email marketing is boundless. Every business knows it is more expensive to attract new …

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Diving into SAP Consultants

An SAP Consultant is an expert in this programme, which includes a variety of various software solutions geared for business needs. SAP was founded in Germany by five former IBM employees, and the name is an acronym for the German words Systeme, Anwendungen, Produkte, or Systems, Applications, and Products. This programme enables companies to manage their customer relationship management software (CRM), supply chain management software (SCM), employee, financial, and production records, as well as historical data.

Although an SAP Consultant’s job title is rather ambiguous, most experts opt to specialise in one of two areas: technical or functional. Individuals with technical backgrounds, such as programming and software development, are better suited to counsel on the technology side of SAP software, whereas individuals with a financial background, for example, can focus on the functional side of SAP Consulting. Entry-level SAP consultants frequently work long hours, up to 80 per week, while concentrating on mastering certain SAP modules. However, depending on project requirements, their hours may decrease once they have learned them.

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SAP Consultants Malaysia work for both large and small businesses, reporting to a Senior SAP Consultant or an IT Manager in most cases, however, others are self-employed. Computer Support Specialists, such as SAP Consultants, are in high demand, with demand growing at a pace of 12%, which is faster than the national average. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 855,700 positions will become available between now and 2024 due to attrition and the creation of new positions.

An SAP Consultant must become a specialist in at least one SAP software module. They must be able to grasp their expertise within the SAP offering, as well as manage projects and develop the software to meet the needs of end clients, in order to flourish in this profession.

SAP software is not a one-size-fits-all solution; it must be customized to meet the specific demands of each client. Understanding the customer’s business demands, as well as any faults with their present software and any potential limits in using the system, is the first stage in this process (such as lack of skill or system requirements). The SAP Consultant then customizes the solution for the industry, department, and tasks that it will be utilised for. They’re in charge of writing interfaces, forms, and other standards programmes.

When clients run into problems with their present systems or have problems with SAP software, they turn to an SAP Consultant for recommendations on how to improve their operations. As a result, an SAP Consultant must be up to date on the newest SAP offerings, upgrades, and innovations in order to recommend the most recent solution to the problem. Furthermore, because clients may operate in a range of industries, such as banking, government, technology, or others, the SAP Consultant must be familiar with those businesses in order to propose practical technological solutions.

A SAP Consultant may supervise junior SAP Consultants as part of a team. If that’s the case, this person will be in charge of finding appropriate candidates and training them in both the technical abilities required for the position and the customer service attitude that each organisation expects of its employees.…

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Construction: Is Concrete A Good Material?

Concrete is a desirable material for numerous building applications because of its strength, durability, reflectivity, and flexibility. These characteristics make it a durable and long-lasting solution for a variety of home and business applications. If your key ingredient in the concrete is sodium lignosulphonate, it will improve the workability of the concrete and also reduce the hydration heat at the early stage of cement hydration.

These are the benefits that you can get if you are using concrete as the material of your building.  

sodium 830x436 - Construction: Is Concrete A Good Material?

1.       It is resistant to high temperature

Concrete is more resistant to high temperatures than wood and steel. The primary binder in concrete, calcium silicate hydrate, C-S-H, can tolerate temperatures up to 910 degrees Celsius. Although concrete is a poor heat conductor, it may store a significant quantity of heat from the environment. Concrete can endure heat for 2–6 hours, giving enough time for rescue operations in the event of a fire. It is used in high temperature and blast applications to fireproof steel.

2.       Strength and durability

Concrete outlasts other building materials by decades and actually strengthens with time. Concrete, surprisingly, strengthens year after year due to the cement component’s capacity to create connections with surrounding moisture particles. By adjusting the water, cement, and aggregate ratios, the degree of strength may be tailored to fit the demands of a given project.

The ‘nature’ of concrete makes it durable and lasts longer than other materials. It is relatively resistant to erosion, fire, rotting, corrosion, and weathering and requires little care and repair. As a result, concrete has a longer lifespan than many other building materials.

3.       Cost-efficient

Concrete buildings minimize operating expenses associated with operational energy consumption, maintenance, and catastrophe rebuilding due to its durability, resilience, minimal maintenance requirements, and energy efficiency. Cement, water, and aggregates are the three main components of concrete. All of these are inexpensively accessible in local marketplaces. That is why the production cost of cement concrete is relatively inexpensive when compared to engineered cementitious materials used in building.

It also has low maintenance cost because in contrast to steel or timber buildings, where weathering is unavoidable, concrete structures do not require coating or painting for frequent applications. Concrete’s coatings will be updated and refinished on a regular basis, lowering the maintenance cost significantly compared to steel or wood.

4.       Low carbon footprint

Concrete is a strong and durable material that can endure natural disasters, reducing the need for extra materials for restoration. Because concrete is frequently made from locally obtained materials, it takes less transportation and resources to get from one place to another. And, towards the end of its life, concrete may be recycled and reused, extending its natural lifespan even further.

As a conclusion, concrete is a really good material that you can use for your building because it will help you to save your budget and also have the best, sturdy building at the same time. It is resistant to high temperature, better strength and durability, cost-efficient and also helps the environment by leaving a low carbon footprint. …

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Creating An Effective Promotional Video

Being aware of the benefits any business will enjoy in utilizing videos as part of their digital advertising Malaysia campaigns,  you should also be aware that their effectiveness will greatly depend on how the promotional video is created. As there are already a lot of promotional videos online, squeezing your own can pose a great challenge. 

But of course, it does not mean that it is kind of hopeless especially in this digital era where similar to a good web design, promotional videos are unsurprisingly trending. Busy consumers do not have the stamina to read articles anymore unless they really need to but they can always find time to check on videos. So, as long as you know what it takes to create an engaging promotional video, you should be able to prosper from such advertisements. 

editing digital advertising Malaysia 1 scaled - Creating An Effective Promotional Video

In relation to that, below are helpful tips that you can use as guides in your promotional video creation:

  • First thing to do is to strategize. What to do? Know your target audience. In what way are they going to benefit your products or services? Their traits, demographic and many others. This is important so that you will have an idea how to attract their attention.
  • With that done, you can now craft your key message. Don’t forget that time is limited with promotional videos, so make it direct and simple. Try to make it friendly as well and depending on your targeted audience, your words must fit within their range.
  • Think of an idea that will flicker their interest. This idea should be compressed to just a matter of seconds, thus be sure that everything you want to inform your audience about how they will benefit your products will be explained in an engaging manner. Like a writer, you don’t need to pressure yourself at once as most of the time; ideas will come to your mind in a most unexpected moment.
  • When the storyline of your promotional video is already crafted, you can now put it into paper for your team to execute. Just a reminder though, the audience you are aiming for is ignorant when it comes to your advertised products or services, thus be sure that your promotional video will answer all their questions. 

Yes, there should be no halfways when it comes to promoting your business. You should go full force if you want it to grow its competitive world.…

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