Tips To Build Your Fantasy Gaming Setup

If you love gaming, you must want a really nice gaming setup aren’t you? No matter where you live, in Shah Alam or Bandar Puteri Puchong, what are your living conditions, one can dream of having a laptop, pc or even gaming setup. 

Laptop Or PC Setup- You Choose

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Apart from smartphones, it seems that laptops have now become primary items needed by many individuals. Laptops that are easy to carry everywhere are certainly very supportive of daily activities. To do a task, for example.

Now, laptops are sold in various sizes, brands, colors, types, to varying prices. Like there are foldable laptops you know? 

When talking about monitors, monitors are an important item for gamers to support visuals for the games. They are also gaming options platforms such as consoles like PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. But how did you know which monitor is the right one to buy? Which one will suit you? You have to decide whether you want a laptop or a pc. I mean, I would love to own both. Then, prioritize what you need first. Keyword: need. I repeat, need. Not want! 

Operating Systems

You also need to choose your preferred operating system such as:

  • Windows 10 – Developed by Microsoft and it took over the position of Windows 7 as the most popular system in the world. Many compatible software are used with this operating system. The upcoming update also promises improvements from existing features such as Hub for Office applications. Right now, it is in the planning to launch Windows 11. Amazingly, Windows offers Intelligent Active Hours for Windows Update features that do not bother users and a few more benefits. 
  • MacOS – All Apple computers come with their own operating system. Yes, their own unique system. The most recent is MacOS Mojave. Before this was MacOs Catalina. If you are used to using Windows, the first week of using MacOS may be a little awkward but it feels like the system is more user-friendly. It is more aesthetically-pleasing. 
  • ChromeOS – This system was developed by Google and is based on the Chrome web browser. More suitable for light tasks.

For deciding, please read some of the suggestions online and decide for yourself. Do not rely on people or ask people to decide for you because you could suffer loss. What is important is that you are happy and you are going to use them in the future. 

Themes of Your Desk- Gaming Setup 

Then decide on the colors of your gaming setup. 

Do you prefer RGB or minimalistic? It is up to you. Some gamer girls might like kawaii vibes or pink-white themes. Some light dark themes. It is really up to your imagination. However, if you are going to turn it into an office or formal workplace, opt for sleek and modern look. Here are some of the gaming setup recommendations and pictures. 

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RGB Style
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Girl Setup- White Pink
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Minimalist Vibes

A good room setup will make you more enthusiastic to play games and will push you to succeed at a competitive level so as to earn a lot of money that exceeds the money you have already invested to decorate your gamer room. Regardless, make sure the bedroom is always in a neat and tidy condition because no matter how beautiful the bedroom is, if it is littered and smelly, it can ruin the whole atmosphere inside.…

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