Pros and Cons of Nipple Shields

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Nipple shields resemble additional nipples in many ways. The tiny openings at the end let milk pass from your nipple to your baby’s mouth as it glides over your breast and nipple. It functions as a longer, firmer nipple, which aids newborns who have problems latching onto the breast. Your baby will find it simpler to learn to latch and suck as a result.

What does a nipple shield help with?

Nipple protection aids in your baby’s latch. The way your baby’s mouth latches onto your nipple and areola as you breastfeed is referred to as the latch. Your baby will obtain enough milk during feedings and the breast will be empty if the latch is satisfactory. Pain during breastfeeding is frequently caused by a poor latch. The reason for this is that instead of putting the full areola in their mouth, your baby is only sucking the tip of your nipple.

When a nipple shield is useful, it could be:

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  • Your child is born too soon. It’s possible that premature babies lack the strength to latch on to or suck from a human nipple.
  • Your infant’s tongue is retracted, shoved, or tied. These can be improved upon or fixed over time.
  • Your nipples are flat, short, or inverted. By lengthening and strengthening your nipple, a nipple shield aids.
  • Your breasts are really delicate. A shield makes your breasts feel firmer, which is beneficial.
  • To start sucking, your infant needs additional stimulation. The baby’s suck reflex is located on the roof of the mouth, which can be stimulated by a longer nipple.
  • Because of a bad latch, your nipples are sensitive, cracked, or bleeding. Your nipples might heal faster if you wear a shield.
  • Your letdown is hyperactive. The early flow of milk from your nipple is referred to as a let down.
  • Your infant is making the switch from a bottle to breastfeeding.

What benefits come with using a nipple shield?

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For lactation specialists, using the best nipple shield malaysia is typically a last resort because the disadvantages could exceed the advantages. Using a nipple shield is advised when

  • Your baby’s latch is being hampered by a mouth or tongue problem. Prematurity or a disease like tongue-tie may be to blame for this.
  • Your nipple is short or inverted, failing to touch the baby’s mouth roof (where the sucking reflex is).
  • You’ve tried everything else to help your baby latch better.
  • While you work on enhancing your baby’s latch, your damaged nipple needs time to recover.

What dangers might a nipple shield cause?

Many lactation specialists won’t use a nipple shield until it’s really necessary. The following are some drawbacks of utilising a nipple shield:

  • It serves as a physical barrier between you and the child. Due to the decreased contact between your baby and your breast, this may impact milk production. Your kid will benefit more from skin-to-skin contact the more you can provide.
  • A newborn can be challenging to wean off of a nipple shield. They might become overly reliant on it.
  • A little less milk is transferred. Because your infant isn’t completely emptying your breast after each feeding, you could get mastitis more easily. Low milk supply could result from this as well.
  • It’s challenging to apply and use properly, which can cause your baby to receive less milk.
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The Best Benefits of Apply for MBBS Course in Malaysia

In this day and age, the most important thing is to study. Many people from within and outside the country want to apply for MBBS Course in Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is well-known for providing high-quality education. As a result, it’s not surprising that many people want to study there.

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What is an MBBS Course?

The MBBS or known as a Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery is a competitive undergraduate degree that qualifies students to practise as physicians or physicians. The MBBS is regarded as a prerequisite for pursuing a postgraduate degree in medicine or further medical studies. During apply for MBBS Course in Malaysia, students are trained in all aspects of medical knowledge.

In general, students who apply for the MBBS Course in Malaysia will get subjects that are no less interesting than other medical majors. The subjects include Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Applied Medical Biochemistry, Applied Pharmacology, Human Pathology, Human Microbiology, Otolaryngology, Dermatology, Pediatrics and even General Surgery. In addition to this main area, a number of other areas are also covered that concern the world of medicine.

What is the Main Attraction for Apply MBBS Course in Malaysia?

Curriculum Innovation

It was created in collaboration with local patients, science academics, and clinical experts to facilitate interprofessional learning and a smooth transition to clinical practice.

Small class size

Small classes that aid in learning and ensure that each student receives adequate support from peers and teachers. We guarantee a supportive and friendly learning environment where students are treated as individuals because we employ a small group of international students. They will get to know their classmates, lecturers, and facility providers on a personal level, collaborate, and achieve their objectives.

Cutting-Edge Facilities

Students will benefit from purpose-built facilities such as the recently constructed Human Anatomy Resource and Learning Center, problem-based learning rooms, numerous teaching rooms, and lecture halls. Furthermore, the five Clinical Skills Laboratories offer a variety of equipment, including high-accuracy human simulators, to assist students in mastering clinical skills in real-world settings such as hospitals, homes, and surgery.

What is the Difference between MBBS and the other Medical Course?

Apply for MBBS Course in Malaysia is unmistakably distinct from other university programmes, despite the fact that it is also engaged in or is in the field of medicine or health. This programme is available to international students who pay their own way or receive financial assistance from various sources. This MBBS programme employs an innovative approach to medical education, which is supported by a cutting-edge curriculum, to produce truly outstanding graduates. The National Health Service is in charge of developing the curriculum used in this programme.

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Basically this MBBS program is a program that will later provide medical degrees for international students. It could be that in the students’ home countries the opportunities are not that great in terms of higher education or also for the medical field. Therefore, this program was created which can be said to be very unique because it is very integrated with biomedical and social sciences, especially in the field of health services.…

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Altus Malaysia: The Best Option for Ship Maintenance

As important as the vehicles that are on the road to be serviced, the same thing should go for ships or vessels in the sea. Indeed no matter what kind of vehicle that is being used, the safety and the functions of it shall be the first thing that should have been checked. Specifically, we are going to talk more on ships or vessels regarding this. Obviously the majority of us that are using cars/bikes are well aware enough on how and where it should be brought to service right? But when it comes to ships or vessels, where can you get ship maintenance in Malaysia?

Indeed we are still not very clear about how the ship maintenance in Malaysia works. This is the reason why you should stay and continue reading this as it would not cost you anything, instead, adding something beneficial to your knowledge! If we have workshops for cars and bikes, we also have Altus Malaysia for ships and vessels! Isn’t that amazing? Altus Malaysia marine solutions has been a really great solution to ships or vessels owners because of their expertise in this that you would not get in somewhere else. If you are interested in their services, do read this!

Things You Should Know about Altus Malaysia, Marine Solutions

Who Are They

Altus is a service solution for marine that basically will involve activities such as warm, cold lay up, marine maintenance and preservation, non-destructive test (NDT) inspections and certification, floating hose maintenance, vessel/ship tank cleaning and demucking and waste disposal.  Altus Malaysia is also known as the best marine solution that you can get in Malaysia due to their high potential and trustworthy services. 

Gladstone branch Dock 1 - Altus Malaysia: The Best Option for Ship Maintenance

What Are The Maintenance Activities That They Offers

#1 Ship/Rig Lay Ups

Altus is a maintenance company with a mission where it understands that low cost services will surely be chosen by anyone. Hence, Altus came out with a good list of Lay-Up services that are affordable and convincing enough that is guaranteed will meet your requirements.

#2 Ship/Rig Preservations and Maintenance

Compared to the other services company, it is a must for Altus to make an evaluation to everything before they proceed with their works. Where the evaluation and consideration will include the lay-up location’s climate, lay-up period, equipment condition and the rigs’ parts, and reactivation time.

#3 Marine Asset Decommissioning

When a rig, offshore oil well platform, or floating processing and storage unit approaches the end of its useful life, it must be removed and decommissioned. It is critical that the exercise be carried out in accordance with the best approved safety procedures and at the lowest possible cost.

#4 Inspection & Certification

The oil and gas business is very tightly controlled. Oil companies, contractors, service companies, manufacturers, insurance companies, and other stakeholders are confronted with increasingly complex processes, large investments, new technologies, and increasing legal, safety, and environmental regulations put in place to ensure continuous supply, achieve investment goals, and protect people, the environment, and assets.

#5 Floating Hose Maintenance & Repair. 

When your offshore floating hose requires repair, maintenance, or periodic inspections, you may have difficulties in locating the knowledge and facilities to repair and maintain your hose that are remote from your site.

#6 Vessel Charters

Recognizing that the majority of our services would necessitate the use of marine fleet supports such as Platform Service Vessels (PSV), Anchor Handling Tugs (AHT), Work Barges, Accommodation Barges, Flat-Top Barges, Crew Vessels, and Heavy Lift Vessels, Altus has formed alliances with many vessel owners in the region to provide the best chartering solution for you.

#7 Ship to Ship Solutions

Ship to Ship (STS) is the most economical solution for cargo operation without the use of jetty or berth. It is suitable for LNG, crude, fuel bunkering, crude palm oil and timber. At present, our services are available in Johor and Kedah, Malaysia.…

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