The Best Part of Laboratory Equipment Malaysia

Did you know that Laboratory Equipment Malaysia is usually used in Chemistry or Biology practicum. Usually, laboratory equipment made of glass and transparent do not react easily with chemicals. In addition, glass material also has a high boiling point, so it is not easy to melt even when heated at a temperature of 1,000 degrees Celsius.

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What Exactly is Laboratory Equipment Malaysia?

If you are majoring in science, you will definitely be familiar with laboratories. The laboratory is one of the centers of all scientific activities, which include research, experimentation, and measurement. In every laboratory there are various tools with various uses. Laboratory equipment can usually be damaged or even dangerous if its use is not in accordance with procedures. Given that it is an important tool, Laboratory Equipment Malaysia is also considered important. Because without this equipment, research activities can be hampered.

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The List of Laboratory Equipment Malaysia

An introduction to Laboratory Equipment Malaysia is required. This is done so that it can be known how to use the tool properly and correctly so that there are no errors in the procedure for using the tool. Some of the laboratory equipment and their uses include:

Measuring Pipette

The measuring pipette is used as a tool to pipette suspension or other solutions assisted by a bulb pipette. Measuring pipettes must always be sterile.


The spatula is used to take the media contained in the test tube or it could be in a beaker glass. For a spatula made of glass, its function is almost the same as a stirring rod. The difference is, the stirring rod cannot pick up the media while the spatula can pick up the media.

Stirring Rod

The stirring rod is used to stir the suspension or solution so that it is evenly mixed.


Erlenmeyer is a tool to store or put suspension and can also be used as a tool to homogenize solutions or suspensions.

Petri Dish

Petri dish is a place to inoculate a microbe or see the presence or absence of microbes. How to open a petri dish is done with one hand only and should not open the cover wide so that not too much air enters. Petri dishes used must also be sterile.

Volumetric Flask

A measuring flask is a tool made of glass and bubbling at the bottom. Volumetric flasks have various sizes, ranging from a volume of 25 mL to a volume of 2000 mL. With its shape like a flask, the volumetric flask is suitable for making precise solutions.

Measuring Cup

The measuring cup is used to measure a suspension of a solution or medium that has a high accuracy value compared to a beaker. When measuring the volume of the solution, on the contrary, the volume is determined based on the concave meniscus of the solution.

Beaker Glass (Chemical Glass)

Beaker glass is used to dissolve the media which is usually in the form of powder. In addition, a glass beaker can also be used to accommodate distilled water.

Pipette Bulb

Bulb pipettes are used to help pipette suspensions from inside the measuring pipette.

Spirit Burner

Spirit burners are used to burn substances or heat a solution. The spirit burner has a capacity of 100 mL. The spirit burner is covered to prevent evaporation.

Test Tube

Test tubes are generally used to react with two or more substances. The test tube used must be sterile. Therefore, every time a test tube is used, it must be sterilized first.

Test Tube Container

Test tube containers are used to store test tubes so they don’t break and the solution inside doesn’t spill. Some test tube containers are made of wood and some are made of iron.

Spray bottle

The spray bottle contains aquadest which is used to clean the suspension that is still attached to the walls of the tube.…

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