Chef Wan’s Event Calendar.

I have created this section so that you can check out the details on any special events that are coming up and you can also read about past events. I always have so much going on so it’s great that I can let you know the details about various activities, such as publicity tours and live events.

 Talk Show
 0 0 2005 : Star Hill, Bukit Bintang
 Food ambassador and spokesman for YTL Corporation under Tan Sri Francis Yeoh. Whereby I知 required to be their consultant for the 19 restaurants outlet. With that I値l anchor my own TV programmed on NTV7, it痴 more like a talk show instead promoting their restaurant and the creativity is left to me. Futhermore, NTV7 is moving to YTL building at Star Hill and they have a live studio there. The show will be aired on June. Based on the programmed does not mean that I知 only just cooking but in particular month we値l promoting the food itself, even it have to be at the oversea and as well as promoting Malaysia. We値l might be knocking on door from other station as well in finding way we can use me to promote Malaysia to the world using all the YTL resource for example Pangkor Laut, Tanjung Jara, Gold Coast, Hotel in Caribbean Island, London.
 Chef of the Star
 0 0 2005 : Mumbai, India
 I知 doing a programmed called 舛hef of the Star? in Mumbai, India in July. That will be a cooking and chat show with Bollywood star, sharing about their latest movie, their latest works, about life. This series for India market.
 TV Show
 0 0 2005 : Malaysia
 I知 trying to bring Jamie Oliver to Malaysia in August. He will be coming here in August and filming about 8 hours series on Malaysia. The whole idea is to help Malaysia, how we can sell Malaysia to the world. The series will put on BBC 2, hopefully by September or October, so by the winter time it help high up a bit the tourist market in Malaysia. This project sponsored by Petronas, MAS, Tourism Malaysia and most probably by YTL Corporation.
 Cooking Competition
 0 0 2005 : Singapore
 I also doing series in Singapore, it痴 a cooking competition traveling trough Asia. The series most likely Iron Chef but not for the professional. So we have to travel trough Asia capital and have a cooking competition. The final will be held at Kuala Lumpur, in December. All Asian chef going to compete. The programmed is produce by Suria Channel, Singapore. The next one we try to produce talk show, like Oprah for TCS and still under discussion.
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