Valid Reasons Why You Should Hire A Real Estate Agent

Are you planning to buy property in Malaysia?

You are not the only one who is enticed to settle in this country and in fact, this country is really becoming popular. With Malaysia known for not only their amazing delicacies but also for the living environment, it is a no brainer why expats would come and move here. However, even if you are a local or an expat, you still need the assistance of a real estate agent once you decide to buy a property here. This is to make sure that you know most of your options and at the same time, for you to get the best deal as well. is known to have the best properties all around Malaysia. If you are looking for a place in Johor, check out Selesa Puteri Condominium, Summer Park Townhouse, Horizon Residence (Dwi Mutiara), Sri Akasia and CintaAyu Resort. Of course, every property is covered by an agent and you might think there will be no need for you to hire one. However, it would be best if you are familiar with the agent, right?

That is right and this is why it is always best to hire an agent beforehand so that at the same time, he can be by your side while picking the right property in Malaysia.

hs - Valid Reasons Why You Should Hire A Real Estate Agent

For more reasons why a real estate agent should be your ally, check this out:

1. They Are Called Experts For A Reason

There are a lot of things you can learn from a real estate agent which will be useful in your quest to get a property in Malaysia. Even if you are a local here or an expat, you won’t have enough knowledge about the properties available and you might not have enough skills to choose the property. But that won’t be the case if an experienced real estate agent will be by your side.

2. Saves You A Lot of Trouble

You know very well that a property owner will always include in his price the rate of the agent. Well, of course, if you will not go through the agent, this will be deducted from the property price. But then again, are you confident enough to deal with all the complicated processes so that the deal will push through? Note that the owner might assist you, but you will be the one to shoulder the expenses. At the same time, there are aspects in the deal that the owner might not be able to extend his hand as he is busy as well. At times like this, you will surely prefer it if someone will tell you what to do next. In short, hiring a real estate agent will save you not only time, but also money and energy.

3. Safety & Precaution

When you buy a property in Malaysia, the first factor you should consider is the safety, especially if you are planning to live there. A real estate agent will usually take the time to learn more about the neighborhood of the property it is selling, knowing a typical buyer will ask about this. Of course, you can do the research yourself as well, but then again, as you are not trained to do this, you might get what exactly it is you want. The people you will ask, might not respond the way you want them to as, based on how you ask them, they might not get what you really want to know. This is where you differ with the real estate agent as he will know how to handle this kind of situation so that he will really know what he wants to know. After all, he wants to tell the client the real situation and not just what the client wants to hear. He does not want that the client might blame him later on for the misinformation.

4. Get Expert Advice & Guidance

You will learn a lot if you confer with a real estate agent before starting the process of buying a property in Malaysia. That is right as most of them are well-informed about the current market of properties based on their type and location. Through their guidance, you should be able to make wise decisions as to the type of property to buy and when is the best time to do it. Note that even in this industry, fluctuations of property values can also happen and a real estate agent is the best person to advise you that.

5. Realtors Are More Honest

Hiring a real estate agent before starting the property buying will benefit you a lot, especially if you will make sure that you choose a Realtor. So, what is a Realtor? When you say a realtor, it means that he is a part of a group in which there are rules and regulations they need to comply in which one of them is to make sure that they give only honest services to their clients. It does not mean though that the others are not honest as after all, honest is self-choice. However, it will also help if a person will be obliged to do or else, he will face some serious consequences. A realtor needs to consider the client’s interests above all.

6. Might Save You More Money

When it comes to setting a price, a real …

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Welcome to Chef Wan’s official website.

Everybody knows Chef Wan.

He is rock star, actor, talk-show host, comedian, lecturer and food ambassador all in one. During the last twenty years he has hosted cooking shows all over the world. He has even published dozens of cookbooks. In spite of all this, he has found time to star on the stage and act in films. He has become a household name in Malaysia and is one of Malaysia’s best-loved icons. Everywhere he goes, he is bound to be recognized. Chef Wan is the culinary expert in Malaysia and is now an international chef. He has cooked for many famous personalities, including the Sultan of Brunei and the former U.S. President, Bill Clinton. Therefore it is not surprising that his many achievements have been noticed and he has received several international awards.

Chef Wan is a household name in Malaysia and a well known personality on Malaysian television. He has been featured in various cooking programmes on television, delighting audiences with his wit and humour while demonstrating his cooking process.

Therefore it is not surprising that his many achievements have been noticed and he has received several international awards.

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Resepi Ayam Straganoff

Ingredients :

2 keping daging ayam fillet (dipotong kecil)
2 s/besar sos “worcestershire”
1 s/besar minyak masak
3 ulas bawang putih (dicincang)
1 biji bawang besar (dipotong dadu)
300 gm cendawan butang (dihiris nipis)
3 s/besar sos tomato
2 cawan susu segar (rendah lemak)
2 s/kecil tepung jagung (dibancuh dengan sedikit air)
1 batang lobak merah (dipotong dadu)
˝ s/kecil garam
˝ s/kecil lada sulah
1 cawan air

Method :

1. Perapkan ayam dengan sos worcestershire selama 1 atau 2 jam atau lebih.

2. Panaskan minyak, goreng bawang putih dan bawang besar sehingga wangi.

3. Masukkan ayam dan kacau selama 4 minit, tambahkan cendawan, sos tomato, lobak merah, garam dan lada sulah, kacau rata.

4. Tambahkan susu dan tepung jagung.

5. Perlahankan api dan angkat apabila sudah pekat, kemudian hidangkan. …

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product 5 830x554 - SAYUR SIMPUL

Resepi Sayur Simpul

Ingredients :

segenggam pucuk ubi kayu (disimpulkan)
4 cawan santan
4 biji cili merah (dibuang biji jika suka)
2 batang serai (diketuk)
1 helai daun kunyit
halia muda (dihiris atau ditumbuk)
segenggam udang kering (direndam 2 minit dalam air panas)
2 biji bawang merah (dihiris)

Method :

Masukkan pucuk ubi kayu, serai, cili, halia, udang kering, bawang merah dan daun kunyit ke dalam periuk, masukkan santan cair dan didihkan ia, kacau rata, tambahkan garam secukup rasa,masukkan santan pekat dan renehkan sehingga mendidih,hidangkan dengan nasi. …

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kerabu asparagus 1 - KERABU ASPARAGUS

Resepi Kerabu Asparagus

Ingredients :

Bahan Kerabu:
2 helai daun limau purut
1 s/kecil belacan (digoreng)
4 biji cili merah
1/2 biji kelapa parut
Bahan Dikisar:
300 gm asparagus (dicelur)
Seikat daun kadok (dicelur dan dihiris)
15 ekor udang (direbus)
1 biji bawang besar (dihiris)
3 s/besar santan pekat
5 biji limau kasturi
2 s/kecil gula/secukup rasa
1/2 s/kecil garam/secukup rasa

Method :

1. Gaulkan kesemua bahan kerabu dan bahan bahan yang dikisar bersama.

2. Masukkan sedikit garam, gula, jus limau kasturi serta sedikit santan pekat.

3. Hidangkan

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nasi kerabu nine chefs - GREEN KERABU RICE

Resepi Green Kerabu Rice

Ingredients :

3 mengkudu (morinda) leaves
6 pandan serani leaves*
2 pandan leaves
1 litre/1 3/5 pints/4 cups water
450 grams/1 pound/2 cups fragrant rice, washed and drained

Method :

1. Finely blend the mengkudu leaves, pandan serani leaves and pandan leaves with a little water in a blender. Squeeze out the juice and add more water to make 1 litre/1 3/5 pints/ 4 cups

2. Pour into a pot, add the rice and cook until done, then hidangkan.

* A variety of pandan leaf that produces a more concentrated color than the ordinary pandan leaf. …

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sup 830x623 - SUP HAM CHOY AYAM

Resepi Sup Ham Choy Ayam

Ingredients :

300 gm sayur Ham Choy (jeruk kobis)
1 ekor ayam (saiz sederhana)
2 biji tomato
2 biji bawang besar
1 biji lobak merah
3 ulas bawang putih
1 keping tauhu
1 kiub stok ayam
4 s/besar sos soya cair
garam dan gula secukup rasa
3.5 liter air
1 liter air (untuk tambahan)

Method :

1. Bersihkan sayur ham choy, potongkan kepada 3-4 bahagian,potong ayam, bawang besar, tomato, lobak merah dan tauhu kepada 8 bahagian setiap satu.

2. Campurkan kesemuanya ke dalam periuk berisi 3.5 liter air,didihkan selama 2 1/2 jam, jika perlu tambahkan air dan biarkan mendidih selama 45 minit lagi.

3. Hidangkan.…

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Resepi Udang Kantonis

Ingredients :

1 kg udang besar (10-15 ekor)
2 s/besar tepung jagung
minyak (untuk menggoreng)
2 cm halia muda (dihiris nipis)
2 batang saleri
1 batang lobak merah (dibentuk bunga)
1 biji cili merah (dihiris)
8 biji ‘water chesnut’
1 cawan kacang pea
30 gm cendawan cuping (direndam)
Bahan Bahan Sos
2 s/besar sos tiram
2 s/besar kicap cair
1 s/kecil tepung jagung
1 s/kecil lada putih

Method :

1. Didihkan air panas bersama sedikit garam dan rebuskan sayur-sayuran.

2. Di kuali berasingan, tumiskan bawang putih, halia, ‘water chesnut’dan masukkan udang, goreng selama 5 minit, kemudian masukkan sos tiram, kicap cair dan lada putih, sedikit gula dan bancuhan tepung jagung.

3. Masukkan sayur-sayuran yang direbus tadi ke dalam kuali,gorengkan bersama dan hidangkan panas. …

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Green Chicken Curry

Resepi Chicken Curry

Ingredients :

2 tbsp cooking oil
2 tbsp green curry paste
3 cups coconut milk
4 kaffir lime leaves, shredded
2 small red chilies, sliced
1½ tbsp fish sauce
2 tsp sugar
500 grams chicken breast, sliced
30 grams pea eggplants
4 round eggplants, quartered
2 tbsp fresh basil leaves

Method :

1. Heat the oil in a wok. Add the curry paste and stir-fry for about one minute.

2. Add coconut milk, kaffir lime leaves, chilies, fish sauce and sugar.

3. Bring coconut milk to the boil. Add chicken, eggplants and pea eggplants.

4. Simmer until the chicken is cooked. Add basil leaves.

5. Hidangkan with steamed rice. …

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Resepi Laham Cous Cous

Ingredients :

Lobak merah
Daging kambing (direbus)
Lada hitam dan lada putih secukup rasa
Cili padi
Cous cous
Kulit kayu manis
Bunga lawang
Buah pelaga
Bahan Bahan (doh Sembousek Lahmah)
Garam secukup rasa
Bahan Bahan (inti Sembousek kambing)
Daging kambing cincang
Cili hijau
Lada putih
Lada hitam
Bawang besar
Bahan Bahan (inti Sembousek sayur bayam)
Sayur bayam
Lada putih
Minyak jagung
Garam secukup rasa
Bawang besar
Jus lemon

Method :

1. Letakkan sedikit garam dalam cous cous. Gaulkan dengan sedikit air dan kukuskan.

2. Masukkan lobak, saleri, cili, zuchini, timun, terung ke dalam air rebusan daging kambing tadi. Masukkan juga daging kambing yang telah direbus ke dalam periuk tersebut. Masukkan juga sedikit lada putih, lada hitam, bunga lawang, buah pelaga, cengkih, kulit kayu manis. Kemudian masak sehingga ½ jam.

3. Setelah cous cous di kukus selama 10 minit, keluarkan dan renjiskan dengan air untuk meleraikan cous cous tersebut.Kemudian kukuskan semula.

4. Setelah siap, hidangkan.…

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Ingredients :

1 1/2 kg labu kuning ( dibuang kulit dan dipotong dadu kecil )
2 biji epal hijau ( dipotong dadu kecil )
2 biji bawang besar ( dihiris nipis )
2 cm halia ( dihiris )
3 s/besar rempah kari merah Thai
air rebusan ayam secukupnya
4 s/besar mentega
3 s/besar minyak zaitun
segenggam daun ketumbar (dicincang halus)
4 s/besar bawang (digoreng)
2 tangkai daun bawang (dihiris nipis)
garam dan gula secukup rasa


1. Panaskan mentega dan minyak zaitun di dalam periuk, goreng dan layukan bawang besar dan halia pada api sederhana sehingga lembut.

2. Masukkan labu dan separuh daripada epal dan tumis selama 10 minit bersama rempah kari merah Thai.

3. Masukkan air rebusan, daun ketumbar dan didihkan selama 10 minit lagi, setelah itu keluarkan isi labu tadi dan sebahagian dari stok dan masak sehingga lembut, tuangkan ia semula ke dalam periuk dan masakkan epal yang lebih tadi, tambah garam dan gula secukup rasa.

4. Setelah ia masak,hidangkan dengan menaburkan bawang goreng dan daun bawang di atasnya.
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Ingredients :

350 gm mi kuning (dicelur dan ditoskan)
200 gm bebola ayam
150 gm isi udang
250 gm daging ayam (bahagian dada – dipotong kecil)
600 gm sayur sawi (dicelur dan dipotong kecil)
200 gm taugeh (dicelur)
2 keping tauhu (digoreng dan dipotong dadu)
3 tangkai daun ketumbar (dihiris)
2 s/besar minyak sayuran
40 gm rempah kari (dijadikan pes)
500 ml santan cair (diperah dari 1/4 biji kelapa)
3 ulas bawang merah }
2 ulas bawang putih } ditumbuk lumat
2 cm halia }
3 cm kayu manis
3 biji bunga cengkih
1 kumtum bunga lawang
3 biji bunga pelaga
2 biji tomato
3 tangkai daun kari
650 ml air
1/2 s/kecil garam
1 keping asam keping

Method :

1. Tumiskan kayu manis, bunga cengkih, bunga lawang, buah pelaga,bawang merah, bawang putih, dan halia sehingga kuning,di atas api kecil.

2. Masukkan pes rempas kari, daun kari, tumis sehingga harum.

3. Masukkan ayam dan gaul dengan rata , masukkan sedikit air, tutup dan masak diatas api sederdana selama 5 minit.

4. Masukkan udang dan bebola ayam.

5. Masukkan asam keping, santan dan air, biarkan ia mendidih.

6. Perasakan dengan garam dan biarkan ia masak beberapa minit,masukan tomato kemudian tutupkan api.

7. Untuk menghidangkannya, masukan mi, taugeh, sawi dan tauhu di dalam mangkuk, kemudian tuangkan kuah yang panas ke atasnya …

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Ingredients :

120 gm gula pasir
3 biji telur (diambil kuning sahaja)
60 gm serbuk badam
850 ml air
500 ml susu segar
50 gm tepung jagung
3 s/besar serbuk agar – agar
350 gm aiskrim perasa vanila
2 s/kecil pati strawberi
sedikit pewarna merah
buah strawberi (untuk hiasan)
daun pudina (untuk hiasan)

Method :

1. Pukul gula dan kuning telur sebentar, campurkan tepung jagung dan badam serta sedikit susu, kacau rata.

2. Tuangkan air, baki susu segar dan serbuk agar – agar ke dalam periuk.

3. Masukkan campuran tepung jagung, kacau di atas api perlahan sehingga pekat, apabila ia mendidih, angkatkan.

4. Masukkan aiskrim dan kacau segera, bahagikan dua.

5. Tuangkan satu bahagian ke dalam acuan yang sudah dibasahkan.

6. Campurkan pati strawberi dan pewarna merah ke dalam bahagian yang satu lagi,tuangkan ke atas puding.

7. Biarkan ia keras sebelum disimpan di dalam peti sejuk dan dihidangkan. …

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Ingredients :

3 cawan susu
1 cawan krim
4 cawan roti panjang (dipotong dadu)
6 biji telur
3 cawan gula pasir
2 s/besar vanila
1 cawan kismis
1 1/2 cawan nenas (dipotong dadu)
2 s/besar mentega

Method :

1. Cairkan mentega di dalam kuali. Masukkan nenas, gula dan kismis. Kacau bahan – bahan sehingga gula kekuningan.

2. Untuk membuat kastad, campurkan bersama telur, gula dan vanila,pukul dan gaul rata, masukkan susu, dan krim.

3. Pada bekas acuan, susunkan ke dalamnya roti.

4. Masukkan nenas, dan kismis dari kuali ke dalam bekas acuan.

5. Tuangkan kastad tadi ke dalam bekas acuan, biarkan ia berendam selama 10 minit.

6. Bakar di dalam oven pada suhu 175 darjah selsius selama 40 minit, setelah dibakar, keluarkan dan taburkan serbuk gula di atasnya. …

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Ingredients :

200 gm apricot kering ( dicincang halus )
11/2 biji oren ( diambil jus )
200 gm mentega ( tanpa garam )
200 gm gula halus
secubit garam
4 biji telur ( asingkan putih dari kuning )
1 biji lemon ( diambil jus dan parut kulitnya )
150 gm yogurt (perisa aprikot / biasa )
300 gm tepung gandum serbaguna
18 gm serbuk penaik
2 biji epal hijau ( dikupas dan didadu kecil )

Method :

1. Perap apricot dengan jus oren ( 3 jam semalaman )

2. Putar mentega ,gula dan garam sehingga gebu, masukkan kuning telur,,jus dan lemon dan yogurt,tambah aprikot yang duperap, kacau rata.

3. Ayak bersama tepung ,garam, serbuk penaik, masukkan ke dalam nya mentega,tambah epal.

4. Didalam mangkuk lain ,pukul putih telur sehingga kembang ,masukkan ke dalam adunan ,bakar dalam acuan bergris dan bertepung pada suhu 180 darjah selsius selama 1 jam 15 minit. …

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Ingredients :

200 gm coklat pahit manis (dicincang)
250 gm mentega tanpa garam
¾ gm gula halus
6 biji telur (asingkan putih dari kuning)
3 s/besar tepung gandum serbaguna
3 s/besar serbuk koko tawar
1 cawan badam (dikisar halus)
secubit bahan penaik


180 gm coklat pahit manis dicincang
3 s/besar krim
1 s/kecil esen vanila
2 s/besar mentega
serbuk koko

Method :

1. Cairkan coklat.

2. Pukul mentega dan gula sehingga ringan dan gebu, masukkan kuning telur sebiji demi sebiji.

3. Ayak bersama tepung serbuk penaik dan serbuk koko, masukkan ke dalam aduanan mentega bersama-sama coklat cair dan badam kisar.

4. Sementara itu pukul putih telur, kaup dan balikkan ke dalam aduanan tiga kali, bakar di dalam acuan bundt bergaris dan bertepung pada suhu 175 darjah selsius selama 50 minit sehingga kek garing tetapi dalamnya lembab, sejukkan kek betul-betul sebelum mengeluarkannya dari acuan.


1. Cairkan coklat, krim esen vanila dan mentega di atas api kecil, sejukkan sedikit sebelum di letakkan ke atas kek.

2. Taburkan badam dan serbuk koko di atas kek. …

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Ingredients :

300 grams/10 1/2 ounces boned Spanish mackerel, minced (ground)
1 tablespoon Thai red curry paste
1 stalk lemon grass, finely sliced
1 kaffir lime leaf, finely sliced
2 teaspoons nam pla
1 egg yolk, beaten
1 tablespoon cornflour (cornstarch)
6 long beans, finely sliced
4 bird’s eye chillies, finely sliced
cooking oil for pan-frying
lettuce, torn into large pieces

Method :

1. Combine the mackerel with all the other ingredients except oil,lettuce, cucumber and tomato. Refrigerate for 1 hour.

2. with oiled palms, shape the mixture into slightly flattened balls.

3.Pan-fry the balls in hot oils.

4.Garnish with lettuce, cucumber and tomato
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Chef Wan