One of the ways to counter this type of attack, and to increase the security of your network, is to set up a firewall l. A firewall, or firewall, is software or equipment intended to filter connections to your network. Concretely, the firewall allows or denies connections, depending on whether it identifies them as legitimate or not. These access authorizations can be done based on rules established by the administrator or automatically, for example according to the content of the network packets which pass through. A firewall can thwart an external attack or prevent a malicious act from within. Search for more info about JomApply Unifi so you can get the best choices now.

Unifi Malaysia 830x467 - Cyber issues and The Solutions with JomApply Unifi

Encryption of connections

Connection encryption, on the other hand, helps protect the confidentiality of digital data while it is stored on computer systems or transmitted over the Internet or other networks.

It is one of the most effective methods of protecting the information you collect or process in the course of your business.

Antivirus, antimalware and anti ransomware protection

The term virus has gradually deviated over the years. Basically, it simply designates, without assuming that it is malicious or not, a program that can be replicated from computer to computer.

In order to spread, it can hide in legitimate software, and thus deceive the vigilance of your firewall. It is for this reason that an antivirus remains useful and complementary to the firewall.

  • The  malware refers to malicious software, without distinguishing between different methods of attack. The term malware  therefore encompasses the Trojan horse, virus, or ransomware (or  ransomware ). But the term virus is often used today in the sense of malware, causing confusion.
  • For information, a study by Symantec estimated the increase in ransomware attacks   at 36% worldwide and 260%!
  • Today, antivirus, antimalware and anti ransomware refer to software with the same functionalities, allowing you to scan your system in search of unwanted people who have crossed your barriers. They are grouped together under the broader concept of “cybersecurity”.

Multi-factor authentication

When logging into an online account, the user must go through an authentication process, which usually uses a username and password.

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