Every place in the world has acceptable etiquettes that are expected of someone. When someone does not follow that, that’s when they are considered rude. The same thing goes to players in casinos. There are etiquettes for them to follow when they enter a casino. If they don’t, they would probably get kicked out from the casino. This article would list five etiquettes you have to abide by when you play at a casino. This is especially important for people who are used to online casino games but have never step into a physical casino.

1 – Do not take pictures

Leave the camera at home or at your room. Majority of casinos around the world does not agree to people taking pictures of the gaming floor. There will be people who wish to keep their presence at the casino private so please don’t go around the casino, taking pictures, oblivious to the glare from the players and staff. The best you can do to keep a picture of the great casinos is to buy the postcards at the souvenir store. 

2 – Dress properly

Although many casinos in Las Vegas allow the players to dress comfortably, there are other casinos out there that has a strict dress policy. Please do proper research on the place before you go and adhere to the existing policy because that can determine whether you get to stay or not. Depending on the casino, some would require you to wear a shirt or smart trousers. It is better to avoid wearing sneakers because there is a high possibility it is not allowed. 

3 – Put away your mobile 

When you go to a cinema and someone is talking on the phone loudly while the movie is airing, people would surely get mad at the person and chase that person out of the cinema. A similar situation can be applied in casinos. Talking loudly on your phone can distract other players from concentrating on their game. It is also considered rude to talk on your phone in a casino, especially when you are playing a game with other players. If you still do, a croupier would most likely ask you to turn off your phone or step away from the table and take your call somewhere else. 

4 – Chips

Buying chips is the most common mistake made by casino newcomers when they want to play a table game. You have to make sure the minimum and maximum bets for each table because it will differ, and you can see that on the boards because it is clearly displayed there. Prevent yourself from handing over 10USD when the board clearly state the minimum bet is 30USD. Also, do not hand in your money like you are paying for your stuff at a supermarket. Lightly place your money on the table and the croupier will notice this and change your money into chips, announcing the amount as he or she does so. 

5 – Avoid drinking too much

Casinos are fun and entertaining, and some people may take advantage of this to get so drunk but do not forget that you are not the only person at the casino. The are other people too and you should be considerate of them, especially if you have a habit of disturbing other guests when you are drunk. Additionally, when someone is so drunk, they cannot think logically. They will probably cause a scene or get into fights with other guests and this is not tolerated in casinos.

stop drinking - Etiquettes in Casino

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