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The purpose of this club is to get close with the fan, to make you all find the cooking is fun, educate and perhaps everybody get motivated and get start own business, like catering. We maybe organize a cooking courses for them and hope one day they end up as a chef or just a home cook.

As a member of Chef Wan’s Fan Club, you will enjoy many special privileges and benefits such as the following.

  • Get a Membership Card
  • Get a 10% discount on all Chef Wan’s Cookbooks. These will be personally autographed by Chef Wan
  • Preference to attend cook shows presented by Chef Wan
  • Preference to join Chef Wan’s Gourmet Travel Tours at discount prices. These tours which are organized twice a year encompass the ASEAN region and Europe.
  • Get a 10% discount on cooking classes conducted by Chef Wan
  • An annual gathering for fans
  • Special dinner and lunch sessions with Chef Wan at various restaurants. Cooking demonstrations will be included

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