The pandemic is still looming and growing in the suburbs of Malaysia and we are now holed up on the internet for entertainment. Our habits have drastically changed as a result of this time period. 

Healthy habits are advocated by Malaysian influencers, social media companies and marketing services in KL, internet gurus of Malaysia, psychologists, and even by doctors every day, especially during the lockdown.  The question remains, how do we transform our behavior for the long term goodness through habits? More importantly, how do we do it when we are on a lockdown. 

Let me step in as your temporary godmother and tell you about the type of habits you need in your life right now.

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  1. Habit To Earn Money 

It is important that we pick up a habit that can help us earn something for ourselves. As much as we would like to tell ourselves that “money doesn’t buy happiness” we know it does. Happiness does come from within, but a better quality of life comes with money. A habit to earn money does not mean earning a six-figure per month. It can be something as simple as freelance writing for multiple businesses, learning how to invest, or content creation. There are endless opportunities for side hustle even as a teenager.  

  1. Habit To Remain Positive

For some people staying positive is an easy task, but for others staying positive is something that needs to be cultivated. In order to remain positive people can pick up all sorts of habits. Some people have gravitated toward reading while others gravitated towards surrounding themselves with a positive crowd of people. Some practice the habit of abstaining from the bad news of the world, some pickup journaling, gaming, and interacting with other online gamers. 

  1. Habit To Stay Fit

Fitness content is everywhere. Whether we go on youtube or Twitter, we cannot escape the endless amount of fitness content. For a better healthier and long-lasting life, pick up one habit that will evolve your fitness game. You don’t necessarily need to run 5k marathons per day. Fitness habits can be achieved through ten minutes of Zumba every day, pilates, or High-intensity exercise routines. If one’s body is not physically capable of vigorous exercise, actively work towards simple changes to having a healthier diet. Like they say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. 

  1. Habits To Mentally Grow 

Our bodies are not the only thing that can have a glow up. The new glow-up of 2021 must be our mental glow-up. Mental glow-ups involve constantly evolving your mindset through various activities. Pick up a habit that can help you evolve your mindset. Traveling, reading, and watching documentaries can be great and informational ways to keep your mind growing. 

  1. Habit to Achieve Self Acceptance 

Self-acceptance is the act of being kind and considerate to yourself and your choices.  We often see recurring habits people preserve that lead to lower self-esteem and a great loss of confidence. Self-acceptance is the key to transforming this toxicity into happiness. A habit that achieves self-acceptance can come in the form of prayer, yoga, spending time with yourself, and even self-praising. Practice the act of praising yourself every day or maybe even reflecting on your day before sleeping every night. 

Every individual is unique and has different coping mechanisms. Some function differently and compartmentalize differently as well. It is important to take moments of your time to form habits that serve you self-acceptance, health, money, and evolution. 

Reading blogs like these that educate you, is also a good habit that can help you evolve your mindset to help you become positive. 

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