The common factor is always the possibility to connect to the web in broadband because with the old slow connections the interaction becomes impossible or at least frustrating due to the continuous clicks and loss of communication quality. The Time fibre broadband Malaysia based services are the best there.

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The electronic register

The Ministry of Education has provided a fundamental role in the new teaching for the “electronic register” which can be used for the following objectives:

  • Sending and exchange of teaching materials
  • Exchange of textual or multimedia contents
  • Production of materials and elaborates

Homework assignment

Obviously this need is not only for students but also and even more so for teachers, who will also have to improve their knowledge in the IT field so that they can also support their students in the optimal use of platforms and software.

In addition to understanding the technical aspects required to understand the quality of your connection, reported below, through which you will have the tools of knowledge useful to evaluate your current connection.

The Right Speed

The speed test therefore allows you to identify the download and upload speed of an internet connection, usually by collecting the latency time, download speed and upload speed among the data.

The unit of measurement most used in this test is the megabit per second, indicated by the abbreviation “Mbps”, of which each unit is equal to 1000 kbps, or 1000 kilobits per second; other units of measurement that you may encounter are the kilobit (Kbps) which represents the basic unit of measurement, or the kilobit per second, and the gigabit per second, usually indicated with the abbreviation “Gbps” and equal to 1000 megabits per second.


Before reading the rest of the article, it is therefore a good idea to immediately check the speed of the internet connection, using free services that you can easily find online, such as the speed test on or any other online tool that allows you to use browser, possibly free of charge, a measurement without defects: the important thing is that the download and upload test is carried out correctly with the respective evaluation of the speed of your connection , usually in Mbps. Commonly in addition to the evaluation of the speed other data are reported such as the IP address and the internet network provider detected during the test.

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