In our houses in Malaysia, everything is very well crafted. You can always come to see and be impressed by the finishes which we use in the construction of houses. Here in Malaysia come by car, enter your own yard, get out of the car and enter your house without steps and carats and or elevators that are perfectly installed. When you go to the condominium Kota Kinabalu you get it all.

If you buy an interesting old apartment, when was the last time the house got repaired?

Otherwise, there is a chance to wake up after a week that you have to redo all the electrical installation and change all the pipes. If you see ant/beetle spray in the house, it may be more than possible to have beetles. Ask if you have a parking space if any. And maybe you are interested in the year of construction of the block? Here is a whole philosophy. In Malaysia things are much simpler, all materials are new, you have a guarantee for years to come. You have at least 2 parking spaces, one in the garden and at least one in front of the house.

Choose the area well – with a view to the future. Do you have schools nearby? Public transportation? How will you get to work? Do you have shops / pharmacies nearby? Pay attention to what shops / restaurants / etc. are in the area. A scale sounds great until I wake you up in the morning with the supply. 

Perfect Locations

The houses in Malaysia are perfectly located within walking distance of 2 schools one public and one private. The means of transport are taxi a few minutes’ walk, and subway station 8 minutes by car. The mixed store and the pharmacy are a few minutes’ walk away but at the same time they are not “on scale” and do not bother you during supplies.

Make sure that the contract with the bank corresponds to the requirements of the Prima Casa program. For example, it should not contain texts that could change your interest rate later. For anything else you find wrong, ask to change your contract. Changes can be made even after you have already signed, through additional documents, if you find irregularities. The bank is obliged to respect the rules imposed by the government for the First House.

Perfect Setups

With any questions about houses for sale in Malaysia, we are at your disposal!! Please register below and we will get back to you as soon as possible, even if you’re looking for a condo for sale Cheras or Ara Damansara condo.

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