Inflation is everywhere. The chances of inflation happening is always higher than a recession. Even during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, when there was an economic recession, prices continued to increase and inflation occurred in 2021. Although the purchasing power of the people is reduced, corporations tend to increase the prices of goods. Bread Company Massimo, increased the price of their bread the past year when everyone could afford less. It’s worthy to mention that 2020 was the year bread sales for each bread manufacturer increased due to the pandemic.  To ensure the value of your money is not lost over time, here are some ways you can increase your money’s value.

First of all, when you get your paycheck or any source of income, you should start by saving. Remember how you used to live in your college years. You probably had 50-100 per month and you tried to make most out of it. So why should it change when you’re earning more. Your lifestyle costs shouldn’t inflate just because you earn more. So when you get your paycheck leverage out how much you need to live and how much you need to save. If you’re trying to be extra frugal, you can even save 1/3- ½ of your income easily. You might need to live in a smaller apartment which doesn’t cost much. You can also save your money in a high yield savings account to catch up to 10% of interests in banks like Standard Charter. This way even if inflation stirs up to 2% like it did this year, your money’s value wouldn’t decrease but would instead increase by 8%. Stop wasting your time on those retail banks you see everywhere.

Next, you can invest your money to ensure it does not lose its value. Investing is a risk taking factor. Risk taking factors will account for how much your money fluctuates. A higher risk means expected higher returns. In reality there are no actual returns at times. If you’re worried about losing your money in investment funds even with your trusted broker forex you can opt for more safer investment opportunities. Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad better known as ASNB is a decent investment option with 5-10% returns the last decade. There is also the opportunity of investing into safer funds such as mutual funds. These funds are very much safer than your average investment option and do guarantee returns of up to 10% percent each year.

Finally, you can ensure your money does not lose value by investing it into property. According to Kiyosaki, many people would consider their home an asset. However, it is a liability. When you buy a home, you’re not actually gaining anything from it and you end up paying a lot for your mortgage. Instead build your credit report and put your money in an asset that will generate income. Perhaps it could be a duplex and you rent out both spaces. The rental fees for the one side could cover your first mortgage while the second part of the duplex could cover your rent. Do this and your assets will be making money for you soon.

Take these tips to your own day-to-day lifestyle to practice and enjoy. Don’t lose yourself to the economic state of your country and build your own wealth.

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