Liver Cyst – Things to Know

A liver cyst is an abscess in the liver.

A cyst can form anywhere and when it is a liver cyst, it goes without saying that it develops in the liver. There are many reasons why a cyst develops and the most common is that it is congenital. It means that the cyst is already in your liver when you were born, and you just don’t feel it. Thus, you must get hepatitis medicine in Malaysia to cure any liver disease.

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How to know if you have a liver cyst? Note that when the cyst is too small yet, you can hardly realize that it is already there as there are no symptoms. In fact, some may just know they have a liver cyst because of other condition, and they need to have a CT scan.

There are different reasons why one has a liver cyst or liver cysts for that matter aside from being congenital. Liver cancer can also cause liver cysts. However, this is not common, but once you experience the symptoms, you can easily check in the internet, you should see your doctor. Another cause of liver cysts, is PLD or polycystic disease. This can generate liver cysts though, most of the time, your liver functions will not be affected.

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