You must be planning to buy a bungalow-type property since you are here. Though the title says there are also setbacks in choosing this type of property, you have to note that such is usually the case, whatever type of apartment for rent in puchong you will decide to buy. 

Are you buying the property in Glenmarie or maybe in Puchong? These places in Malaysia are quite commendable and for sure, you will easily find that type of property you want, especially if you will have the assistance of a broker. 

So, what are the setbacks and perks of bungalow-living? Check this out:


  • Commendable mobility is probably one of the best advantages when you are in a bungalow-type of house. This is because, most of the time, this type comes with only one level. It means that everything that you will need is just around you. There is no need for you to use the stairs in case you need something as your bedroom is just in the same floor as well. 
  • You can easily create room separations as all of them are just in the same floor. This is good if you ever decide to extend the property because of an additional family member. 
  • You will have more privacy with a bungalow-type property since you won’t be sharing the same walls with another family. Have you noticed those properties with the same walls between units? They are called attached properties and they hardly have privacy as you will hear the voices from the other doors. 


  • One of the setbacks is the fact that there is hardly enough separation between rooms, since all of them are just in the same floor. In fact, this is the time that rooms might be sharing the same walls. 
  • You can say that this is not as secured as the attached type. The reason is because this is usually a low-rise type of property and this, it can be burglarized easily compared to the attached properties. Besides, because you don’t have close neighbors, the burglar might easily target the type of property you are in. 

As mentioned, all types of properties come with setbacks and perks. Thus, you just need to weigh things which will you prefer and be prepared as well for the setbacks. As every situation is different, maybe you won’t be burdened that much with the known setbacks. 

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