This technician is present in each laboratory. Understand: in many and very varied industries. It is naturally found in all public research activities (health, energy, environment, police, etc.) but also in the Research and Development department of private companies: agrifood, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, biotechnologies, cosmetics, etc. Difficult to find a sector that does not need him! Depending on the organization, it is called biologist technician, research technician, or even laboratory technician.

Its mission: to carry out analyzes and controls at each stage of the manufacture of a product. Whether it is to produce a perfume, a medicine or a foodstuff, it is present from the conception of the product to its launch on the market. He ensures compliance with health standards, carries out control tests, monitors quality, performs biological analyzes, etc.

The diploma dalam reka bentuk permainan passed lab technician never works alone. It collaborates with researchers, engineers, doctors and pharmacists, to whom it transmits its results and observations. He is the one who sets up the tests, handles the chemicals and scientific devices, while ensuring that they remain in good working order. And in a laboratory, the established protocol must be followed to the letter, because the slightest lack of rigor can completely distort the analyzes!

Salary of a laboratory technician

At the start of their career, a laboratory technician is paid up to the minimum wage, reaching 2,000 euros per month after several years. A salary nevertheless quite variable depending on the sector.

Career evolution

An experienced laboratory technician may be offered the guidance of a laboratory team. It is also common for people to call on their deep knowledge of the product by offering them a technical sales position.

How to become a laboratory technician?

The most sought-after route to reach this position is a Bac +2 of the BTS or DUT type. There are several, some of which are specialized, such as the BTS Analyzes in Medical Biology or the BTS Quality in Agri-food Industries, etc.

Qualities and skills required to work in a laboratory

Laboratory work has its own specific requirements. Here, rigor and precision are essential qualities. The research technician is organized, extremely methodical, proceeds in stages and takes all the necessary precautions before handling sometimes dangerous products. Today, computer proficiency is an obligation, and more and more English. The devices he uses change regularly: he must therefore be constantly trained and know how to adapt to new developments.

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