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If you have not noticed, the presence of self-service kiosks is getting prominent day by day. With the advancement of technology, more jobs are lost and more jobs are created. In this current age, we have noticed that some jobs are slowly fading away with the implementation of self-service kiosks. Not only are we going towards to self-service kiosks, we are also slowly moving towards a cashless society. For example, the majority of self-service kiosks do not accept physical money. Now, you either have to pay with your credit/debit card or with your e-wallet such as Touch N Go. For example, in the past, the self-service kiosk at a shopping mall used to accept cash as a form of payment. Now, you can only pay either with your card or e-wallet.

Losing Jobs But We Have To Move On

It is a sad thing to see that some of the jobs that are still present are slowly being made redundant. A few examples of self-service kiosk Malaysia that is being implemented are self-service kiosk at McDonald’s, you do not even have to go to the counter to order your food anymore. Not just that, the payment is also done at the self-service kiosk. Not only that, even now at the cinema, there is also a self-service kiosk for you to purchase your movie tickets. Even though now there is still a counter for you to purchase your ticket, a self-service kiosk is available for you if you wish to use it. The risk of waiters losing their job is also there as some restaurants opt to have a self-service kiosk, where customers can just place their order via the tablet, the waiter just has to bring the food to the customers. As technology improves, we will start seeing robots serving the food for us rather than humans. Additionally, some supermarkets also have a self-checkout counter, where you do not even need someone at the cash register to checkout the items for you. 

Jobs Come And Go

Jobs come and go and we have to accept it. Even though machines, AI, self -service kiosks will replace many of the jobs that we have today, it will also bring in more jobs for us in the future. We will have to adapt and overcome the situation. 

To sum it all up, even though it might look scary that more and more machines are slowly taking up all the jobs, there are pros and cons to it, as it will strive us to better as we embrace and adapt with these new technologies as part of our daily life, As for now, we cannot fully go for self-service kiosks in every industry as not many senior citizens are able to keep up with technology, and some jobs are not ready to be fully replaced by a self-service kiosk. For the time being, enjoy for what we have, as we might not experience this ever again in the future.

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