Although school websites have existed on the Internet for more than fifteen years, these websites have not been integrated into practice into the school-organization pedagogical system. Highlight challenging backgrounds from the modern education system and theoretical aspects to creating a learning environment. In this article, we have briefly explained the importance of college websites and where you can find the best web design service in Penang to design your own college website. 

download 10 - The College Website as a Virtual Learning Environment

In recent years, it has been acknowledged that the Internet has changed direction, time, and place of study. Moreover, special classes are no longer limited to four specific walls and clocks; The Internet makes it easy to learn from anywhere at any time, and this important transformation is also happening gradually in schools. School websites have been on the Internet for several years and are mostly known as Web-Based Learning (WBL). However, in practice, this website is not included in the school-organization pedagogical system and is not part of the school procedure.

The unstructured and unanimous rationale has not been determined to integrate the online learning environment into the school. Such logic would set the guidelines for determining the appropriate tools and models for building high-quality systems (Stimson, 1989). The best evidence from this is that the importance of creating utopian pedagogy in all matters depends on the use of technology in teaching and learning there are many arguments about the conditions of using the online environment. In practice, it is now recognized that the realization of pedagogy through technology is an expression of the desire for general improvement in the education system.

For a school website to play an important role in school procedures, the place of the school organization in teaching, learning, and operations must be clarified and highlighted, and its main structure and functions explained. As in every virtual environment that serves to integrate into the management of the organization, the rationality of the organization should be determined and the pedagogical characteristics of its organization should be derived from this. Therefore, the structure of the college website will be defined as a derivative of the college’s pedagogical-organizational logic. Jumix design is the best web design company in Penang and you can trust them with your college website. 

The structure of college activities will be linked by realizing the overall role of education through the school and without elaborating on the complex definition of the role of the school. Web design services in Penang can help in designing a college website. Jumix design is the best website design company in Penang. Their designers will integrate specific online tools as needed. Modular attitudes towards online tools are crucial to ensuring dynamic website administration and construction. This can be achieved through a system where objects are integrated and connected to the local context and momentarily from any location without the need to “recreate” the tool. Examples are the integration of online bulletin boards, activity boards, or online discussion groups on topic/topic websites or teacher-created class pages.

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