Metal is a significant component in several large industries. In our mundane lives, we take for granted how much of it, in its various forms, surrounds us. Metal is a structural giant in the manufacturing industry, as well as a large part of internet projects and capabilities. It is a largely used element that has defined modernity, but has also become a cultural symbol of humanity’s journey through the ages. This article reviews different kinds of metals and their uses in ways we may not have been aware. 

1.     Chrome

Chrome comes from a naturally-occurring element. This is a highly coveted metal that is widely used in industrial settings. Chrome provides a strong metal that is resistant to corrosion. But did you know that chrome is also liked for its colour? Its pigment is used in the tanning of leather items like shoes, handbags, belts and other items. The brownish-red tinge that many of our luxury items have is due to their chromatic element.

2.     Steel

It is no surprise that steel is on the list. Steel is a highly accommodating metal that is used in almost every industry from culinary to hydro engineering. With precision machining Johor, steel is cut with the utmost care and accuracy to provide structurally sound steel items. This is essential in buildings. Precision manufacturing ensures that your orders fit accurately or measure perfectly. This is especially important in small items that are made up of smaller components. Steel is found in several places and is widely used in art for sculptures and other similar art forms.

copper bracelet 830x622 - The Diversity of Industrial Metals

3.     Copper

Copper is another famous metal that is often used in our day-to-day business without us noticing. Copper could be present in your roofing, plumbing and electricity. Copper wires promote good electrical and heat conduction, hence their presence in most electrical items such as our television sets, our heating systems and household appliances. Copper is also a costly metal, so spend it carefully when you make your purchase. Copper can also be used in fine jewellery pieces such as bracelets to add an exquisite hue to the piece.

4.     Aluminium

The instant aluminium is brought into conversation, it triggers thoughts of cuisine. Aluminium foil is a heat-resistant metal that prevents your baked goods from sticking to the pot or pan. As it is in the name, it is not such a surprise that the foil contains aluminium. But did you know that aluminium is also a large component in aircraft manufacturing? It is odd to think that such a soft crumpling element is also responsible for the gigantic birds in the sky, but it is. Aluminium is liked for its lightness and malleability. This is what makes it fundamental in aircrafts that have to be strong enough to hold take off, but light enough that their bodies are not overburdened by the load. 

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