Though termites are already well known to be really destructive, there might still be a number of homeowners and even those who are still on the verge to become homeowners who have not heard about this. Yes, termites are really destructive to the highest level like it is even said, they are the main suspect of the number of building destruction in the world. Of course, they cannot consume the entire house with their almost not visible to the naked eye mouths. However, because they will usually end up with the foundations of the property, thus after they are done with them, buildings will become weaker. 

resized villa 830x553 - Why Pest Inspection Is A Must Before Buying A Home

This is why, if you are planning to purchase a house, you should have it pre-inspected for termites. There are so many agencies that offer the said services that can help you in this aspect as this is one of their provided services. Here are the things that are covered with their pest inspection:

  • Identification of all minor and major effects which will be presented in a well documented report
  • Structural defect inspection which includes accessing under the floor as well as inside the roof space
  • Full timber pest inspection which will be conducted with Termatrac T31 termite radar
  • Asbestos identification check

Aside from the obvious, here are the advantages of pest inspection before finalizing your purchase:

As mentioned above, you will never know right away if the house is with termites or not. Same thing goes with their infestations. As most of the time, they have eggs left behind their hibernated places, it is best to know in advance what you need to deal with after you purchase the said property. At the same time, you will also have the chance to negotiate the price if you will push through with the purchase even after knowing the defects and pest infestations.

You will be prepared for everything. You can budget for the repairs or you can back out from the deal and will start looking for a new property right away. The bottom line is, you will not be cheated. You will be paying for a property that you already know about. 

Pest inspection before the sale will usually cover the following:

  • Proof of timber pests
  • Extent of the infestations
  • How susceptible is the building for future pest infestation
  • Further investigations required

It will be good if after you pay for the property you are eyeing, everything is already settled. There will be no surprises like structural damages and termites behind walls. This is why, you should hire the right company for this task. 

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