Adherence to medication regimens and compliance with medication regimens are two of the numerous patient outcomes on which pharmacists have a significant effect. Half of all chronic illness patients do not take their meds as recommended. As a result of their accessibility to patients and ability to develop connections with them, pharmacists play a critical role in obtaining favourable health outcomes, such as fewer hospitalizations, slower disease progression, and fewer comorbidities. The use of retrospective data is also used by pharmacists in the realm of research to identify and analyse specific patient groups that are not suitably adhering to or compliant with their prescriptions.

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Pharmacists play an important role in making patients feel better, and they are an important component of any community they work in. The honesty and ethical standards of pharmacists were well regarded by a huge majority of Americans, according to recent Gallup Polls. Pharmacists are the most accessible health care professionals, and they are also prominent leaders in the majority of communities they practise in. Because of this, the mission of the PCOM School of Pharmacy is to “educate and train caring, competent, and proactive generalist pharmacists who contribute to the health and well-being of the residents and to support the needs of the underserved in Georgia, the Southeast region, and society as a whole.” In order to fulfil this objective, our staff and students participate in health fairs and brown bag activities held across our communities.

The area of pharmacy offers a wide range of employment options, each with its own set of challenges. While the vast majority of pharmacists work in a community pharmacy, whether it is an independent or a retail chain, many others have sought out or established new possibilities for themselves. There are many different healthcare contexts for pharmacists to work in. Some of these environments include managed care organisations, hospitals and nursing homes, the pharmaceutical sector, universities and the federal government, to name a few. Pharmacists are involved in direct patient treatment, research, and participation in the legislative process, all of which contribute to the advancement of our profession. Pharmacists have important roles in many sectors of the healthcare system, and they are particularly prominent in the pharmaceutical field.

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One of the advantages of being a pharmacist is being able to assist others, including patients and other healthcare professionals, in their endeavours. As pharmacists, we have the opportunity to mentor future pharmacists, aiding them in determining their career pathways and deciding on pharmacy as a profession. It makes no difference where they practise, all pharmacists are committed to strengthening the understanding of prospective pharmacists and recent graduates via the sharing of their expertise and experience. 

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