The maritime industry has been popular among the younger generation for many years. Its popularity may be declining as a result of more digitized work environments and so on, however, it still remains popular and adventurous. Maritime work is extremely challenging and rewarding at the same time. People who work on the sea stand the opportunity to witness world wonders and meet so many different people. But they also face the harshness of the sea. 

Contrary to common belief, getting a job in the maritime industry does require education. For some, the length of education is far more longer and extensive compared to others. A maritime engineer can spend years in the university before actually getting on the sea. Seafarers may not need a fancy degree but they need the skills to bear the challenges of the sea. They are extremely skilled, insightful, and adaptable in order to survive the culture shock of such a new environment. 

While challenges stand to exist, being on the sea, on lay up vessel service Malaysia and pursuing a career is still very attractive. Keeping in mind that this is certainly not a job for everyone, let’s take a look at all the reasons why more and more people need to work at sea. 

Highly Competitive Wages 

Working at the sea means we are spending time away from our family for months, and missing out on a large part of our normal, daily life. While everyone is achieving their checklists, sea farmers spend their time on the sea doing their job. While they may be missing out, they are certainly not missing out on the attractiveness of their earnings. Seafarers earn a significantly good amount of wages compared to any other similar profession. If spending a little time away from our family and friends but standing the chance to earn good money is on top of your list, then this may be a suitable profession for you! Especially if you are young and full of energy.

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Travel To Your Heart’s Content 

Seafarers don’t only travel to one place and stay on the dock. They travel to a variety of interesting places all over the world, some of them that are even unheard of to many. They get the opportunity to explore cultures, countries and mingle with people that are so vastly different from themselves. These experiences are eye-opening, fun, and interesting. Mind you, many of these destinations that sea farmers are able to reach are not touristy but they are still welcome with open arms. 

Earn Life Skills 

Life skills we learn at the sea are irreplicable. We cannot put a price tag on what the life of seafaring can teach us. Maritime industry is full of regulation and strict adherence, and they are full of hard work. Seafarers become resilient, great at communication, building relationships, networking and even being much more flexible and observant. 

Gaining memorable life experiences, earning money, traveling all over the world, and being part of one of the biggest industries in the world can be an extremely rewarding career. All you need’s a little bit of strength, hope, and resilience to go through with the work at sea. 

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