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  • greenchicken 370x247 - Ayam Straganoff greenchicken 105x105 - Ayam Straganoff

    Green Chicken Curry

    Delicious green curry served with sliced chicken.
  • sayur 361x247 - Ayam Straganoff sayur 105x105 - Ayam Straganoff

    Sayur Simpul

    Stir-fried vegetables.
  • product 3 370x247 - Ayam Straganoff product 3 105x105 - Ayam Straganoff

    Breton Fish Stew

    Pan roasted haddock fillet wrapped in smoked French bacon with pea purée and tomato and chive vinaigrette

  • product 4 370x247 - Ayam Straganoff product 4 105x105 - Ayam Straganoff

    Roast Duck Breast Exquisite taste

    Roasted duck breast (served pink) with gratin potato and a griottine cherry sauce

  • product 8 370x247 - Ayam Straganoff product 8 105x105 - Ayam Straganoff

    Fish Parmentier

    Cod, haddock, prawn and salmon in a creamy white wine and leek sauce, topped with mash potato and Gruyère cheese

  • chicken 370x247 - Ayam Straganoff chicken 105x105 - Ayam Straganoff

    Ayam Straganoff

    Golden seared chicken thighs or breast smothered in a sour cream Stroganoff Sauce.
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