Chef Wan’s Recipes

Many people have asked me how I get ideas to create new recipes. Well, the answer is to beg, borrow and steal! All chefs do this, and if they say that they don’t, then they are not being entirely truthful. But sometimes we also create our own recipes. We are all professionally trained, but at the end of the day, although the basic recipe is still the same, we can creatively change it by adding, removing and substituting ingredients to make it different and more fun.

My recipes are different from other recipes because they are fully tested. I have a team of skilled, creative and competent people who work for me. They help to develop the recipes. Once the recipes are prepared, I taste them and rate them on a scale of 1 to 10. I also give comments about the recipes. Anything that is rated above 7 may be used. Recipes that are rated below 6 will be discarded or sometimes redone to improve the taste, texture and flavor so that there is always a consistency in quality.

I like all types of recipes, but my favourites are salads and pastries.

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Chef Wan