Great Time fibre broadband Malaysia Choices You Can Opt for Now.

The common factor is always the possibility to connect to the web in broadband because with the old slow connections the interaction becomes impossible or at least frustrating due to the continuous clicks and loss of communication quality. The Time fibre broadband Malaysia based services are the best there.

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The electronic register

The Ministry of Education has provided a fundamental role in the new teaching for the “electronic register” which can be used for the following objectives:

  • Sending and exchange of teaching materials
  • Exchange of textual or multimedia contents
  • Production of materials and elaborates

Homework assignment

Obviously this need is not only for students but also and even more so for teachers, who will also have to improve their knowledge in the IT field so that they can also support their students in the optimal use of platforms and software.

In addition to understanding the technical aspects required to understand the quality of your connection, reported below, through which you will have the tools of knowledge useful to evaluate your current connection.

The Right Speed

The speed test therefore allows you to identify the download and upload speed of an internet connection, usually by collecting the latency time, download speed and upload speed among the data.

The unit of measurement most used in this test is the megabit per second, indicated by the abbreviation “Mbps”, of which each unit is equal to 1000 kbps, or 1000 kilobits per second; other units of measurement that you may encounter are the kilobit (Kbps) which represents the basic unit of measurement, or the kilobit per second, and the gigabit per second, usually indicated with the abbreviation “Gbps” and equal to 1000 megabits per second.


Before reading the rest of the article, it is therefore a good idea to immediately check the speed of the internet connection, using free services that you can easily find online, such as the speed test on or any other online tool that allows you to use browser, possibly free of charge, a measurement without defects: the important thing is that the download and upload test is carried out correctly with the respective evaluation of the speed of your connection , usually in Mbps. Commonly in addition to the evaluation of the speed other data are reported such as the IP address and the internet network provider detected during the test.…

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Why You Should Pursue A Career On The Sea

The maritime industry has been popular among the younger generation for many years. Its popularity may be declining as a result of more digitized work environments and so on, however, it still remains popular and adventurous. Maritime work is extremely challenging and rewarding at the same time. People who work on the sea stand the opportunity to witness world wonders and meet so many different people. But they also face the harshness of the sea. 

Contrary to common belief, getting a job in the maritime industry does require education. For some, the length of education is far more longer and extensive compared to others. A maritime engineer can spend years in the university before actually getting on the sea. Seafarers may not need a fancy degree but they need the skills to bear the challenges of the sea. They are extremely skilled, insightful, and adaptable in order to survive the culture shock of such a new environment. 

While challenges stand to exist, being on the sea, on lay up vessel service Malaysia and pursuing a career is still very attractive. Keeping in mind that this is certainly not a job for everyone, let’s take a look at all the reasons why more and more people need to work at sea. 

Highly Competitive Wages 

Working at the sea means we are spending time away from our family for months, and missing out on a large part of our normal, daily life. While everyone is achieving their checklists, sea farmers spend their time on the sea doing their job. While they may be missing out, they are certainly not missing out on the attractiveness of their earnings. Seafarers earn a significantly good amount of wages compared to any other similar profession. If spending a little time away from our family and friends but standing the chance to earn good money is on top of your list, then this may be a suitable profession for you! Especially if you are young and full of energy.

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Travel To Your Heart’s Content 

Seafarers don’t only travel to one place and stay on the dock. They travel to a variety of interesting places all over the world, some of them that are even unheard of to many. They get the opportunity to explore cultures, countries and mingle with people that are so vastly different from themselves. These experiences are eye-opening, fun, and interesting. Mind you, many of these destinations that sea farmers are able to reach are not touristy but they are still welcome with open arms. 

Earn Life Skills 

Life skills we learn at the sea are irreplicable. We cannot put a price tag on what the life of seafaring can teach us. Maritime industry is full of regulation and strict adherence, and they are full of hard work. Seafarers become resilient, great at communication, building relationships, networking and even being much more flexible and observant. 

Gaining memorable life experiences, earning money, traveling all over the world, and being part of one of the biggest industries in the world can be an extremely rewarding career. All you need’s a little bit of strength, hope, and resilience to go through with the work at sea. …

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What you should know about lingerie

Have you thought about wearing sexy clothes for your partner? Spend a night full of seduction and passion. Leave prejudices behind and put the lingerie sexier, provocative you can find, lace, transparent something to remove the wild version of you.

The lingerie is very intimate than many women you can find it hard to use or choose the right, it is necessary to investigate and have the most information possible to be sure of our choice.

img 2138 0 - What you should know about lingerie

A woman who knows how to enjoy and wear women’s lingerie shows her daring and sexuality, in moments of great intensity.

Depending on your tastes and the occasion, you should carefully choose the clothes to be used, from the beli sex toys to the incredibly daring leather outfit, that covers a lot or only what is necessary.

After having the function of modeling the female figure, until it became a weapon of seduction with great importance in the world of fashion, a source of sexual and erotic fantasy.

The lingerie has led to the use of these undergarments abroad, as happened in their day shirts or, more recently, bodices and corsets.

The erotic lingerie highlights of all common garments, to the use feel like an insatiable seductress in a set of clothes vinyl or innocent lover on a white babydoll about to take him timid. In sexy lingerie and more you can find the best tips to transform yourself into that predator that you have inside. 

Seductive lingerie: Why does it have such power of attraction?

Intimate clothing, in addition to being a response to the need of women, has become an infallible weapon, demonstrating female empowerment, sensuality, freedom and self-confidence: it is the main actress in many erotic fantasies where the soft touch and the desires of both combine to bring out that wild side.

In various surveys they reflect the type of lingerie that men like, such as simple colors black, red, blue, strong and vibrant colors that highlight the skin, the figure of the woman, and you can always combine it with heels that they attract so much attention so that they do not take their hands off you and something else.

For more articles, click here.…

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What is bandwidth?

Bandwidth refers to the maximum amount of data that can be transmitted through an internet provider during a certain period of time.

It is related to the capacity of the communication link of a network to carry data from one node to another, and not to the speed of that data transfer as it may seem; for that, you have to take into account latency.

Networks with higher bandwidth like Unifi package can transfer a greater number of data packets than those with lower bandwidth. Imagine data transfer as water flowing through a pipe, if the pipe is wider, it can carry more water.

Although bandwidth does not influence the speed at which data packets travel from node to node, low-capacity bandwidth can create a bottleneck in the network, resulting in slow and slow applications. slow navigation speed for the end-user.

what is the iot everything you need to k 5f6cc13d5f60de4b41b7f3d4 1 sep 28 2020 16 19 38 poster 370x247 - What is bandwidth?

For example, low bandwidth could quickly display a basic web page, consisting of only text, but would have difficulty loading large data packets at once, such as supporting an online video game or displaying high-resolution video. This leads to increased latency, making the internet connection too slow, with consequent problems showing what is happening in real-time.

How do you measure bandwidth?

Bandwidth is measured in millions (Megabits, Mbps) or billions (Gigabits, Gbps) of bits per second. The bandwidth calculation is normally done by evaluating the time it takes for a file to leave its source node and reach its destination in its entirety.

The average speed of broadband in Europe is currently 46.2 Mbps, which means that in this type of connection, 46.2 million bits can travel along the network line every second. Since capacity refers to the amount of data being transferred rather than speed, multiple users in a household may put too much demand on a network that is not capable of delivering enough data packets to everyone. For businesses, it is important to assess how much bandwidth you will need to run your day-to-day operations. This not only involves calculating how many employees will be accessing the network at the same time but also taking into account the bandwidth requirements for whatever application they will be using. You should learn about this even when you work in banking and finance.…

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Iron And Steel Roof Frame Ideas For Modern Living

The roof frame is a structure that supports a building or dwelling, a frame that makes it steady, and connects and stabilizes also the lower part of the building (foundation). Old houses typically lack a proportional roof frame. The walls of traditional houses, which happen to be usually completed of brick, clay, or stone, also function as roof supports, apart from covering and dividing the room. Meanwhile, historical ancient buildings in your city that use to be terraced and have high ceilings use to be typically equipped with wooden frame constructions. After the industrial revolution and steel became popular, wooden roof trusses were replaced by iron roof frames. The consideration is that the iron roof frame is more durable and fireproof. 

steel roofing 830x554 - Iron And Steel Roof Frame Ideas For Modern Living

The bumbung besi frame is formed from vertical supports or pillars. Meanwhile, the horizontal section of the iron frame and other elements can provide structural support for the ceiling or floor. Mixed structures can also be applied, where the iron frame is combined with wooden beams and concrete slabs. 

Steel Roof Frame And Iron Roof

Steel frames are usually associated with warehouse, agricultural or industrial construction. However, steel roof trusses are increasingly popular for residential use rather than traditional roof trusses. In this example, lightweight steel sheets are attached to the steel beams to form the roof of the house. Invest in real estate today through a reliable agent. 


Iron roof truss as shown in the picture is lighter than similar structures made of concrete. In addition, the installation process is also faster. These advantages make metal roof trusses an ideal choice for renovation or building rehabilitation projects. In projects like this, it is common to find walls and partition walls to support the weight of the roof so that the walls cannot be torn down when the house is being renovated. In this case, a steel frame is used to replace the old, porous wooden frame. 

Load Support

In rehabilitation and renovation work, additions or changes need to be made in accordance with new functions or new living needs. Thus, excessive piles on the building structure must be avoided and the roof truss structure should be made as graceful as possible. The solution is to use lightweight steel frames and pillars and iron plates which are highly recommended for purposes like the one above. …

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Relationship Ghosting – Warning Signs

Are you familiar with the term ghosting? This is when your partner will suddenly not show himself to you, maybe during a dinner date. When this happens, the one who is left behind will surely feel lost like she will have so many things to ask of herself as why someone is doing that to her. This is not only depressing, this can also yield that insecurity feeling. 

couple fight break up recrop 800x800 1 - Relationship Ghosting – Warning Signs

How can you detect if someone is about to ghost you? Here some of the most common premonitions:

  • They don’t commit to your dates like they will only tell you that they will visit if they can find the time. This is a big sign that your boyfriend is not really into you as if he is, he will prioritize you and will make sure he can come to you. In fact, some will miss their appointments because they would prefer to be with their girl. 
  • He stops following you in some of your apps. It only shows that he is not interested about you anymore and he also does not want you to know his latest events. It could be that he is having fun with another girl and he does not want you to see pictures tagged to him. 
  • He will not tell you if he is going out with some friends and he will just say he is busy. He is not interested in you knowing who these friends are. This is a red flag as this means, he is hiding something from you. 
  • If you want to hang out with your common friends, he is not available. It seems that he is full of excuses and his appointments will always fall on the same dates. You will surely wonder when this is the situation most of the time, like he won’t enjoy when you are around. 
  • It would seem like every time you try to give your boyfriend a call, he sounds burdened and unhappy. Maybe he is just waiting for you to break up as he is not interested about you anymore. He never calls you anymore to plan for a date and every time you end up going out with him, it was because you initiated. 

So, do you think your boyfriend is about to ditch you? If you have this feeling, you can save face by doing it ahead. There is no hope for a relationship like this as obviously, he is interested in someone else. Don’t make yourself piteous as there are other guys out there. And if you miss the fun or the sex, you can always use one of the sex toys Malaysia for the time being. This is exciting to use, and you won’t need another person if you want to. View dildo Malaysia for more sex toys to explore!

You see, running after someone who shows the signs of ghosting is futile. You will just be scarred and will be embarrassed. Might as well accept the fact that your relationship is already ending and instead, you should be the one to pull the trigger. …

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How To Rent An Apartment In New York City

If you are from Malaysia like from the city of Kelana Jaya and you’re new to living in New York City, or you are just visiting for the weekend, and you would like to know how to rent an apartment in New York City, this article will help you with that. Specifically, we’ll discuss some basic information about how to go about renting an apartment in NYC. After reading this article, you should have a better idea of how to make your rent payment on time every month, even if you’re from a place like Kelana Jaya. So, let’s get started.

When it comes to renting an apartment in New York City, you will have to formally submit your rental application. When it comes down to your personal apartment application, there is certain information that the landlord needs from you. Specifically, the apartment application form can be quite stressful for anybody to fill out. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you fill out the application completely before you turn it in. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on anything important.

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As previously mentioned, when it comes to paying rent, there is a lot that you have to take into consideration. One of the most important factors that you need to consider when it comes to paying rent is your budget range. Asking how much you can afford to spend on rent can be tricky. However, there is an easy way to figure out your budget range: You need to calculate how much money you have coming in each month (your income), then multiply that number by thirty. Your monthly rent amount is then determined.

Renting an apartment in New York City can be rather confusing, so we strongly suggest that you talk to a real estate agent or a landlord prior to applying for an apartment. While apartment rental services do have plenty of resources available, they usually charge a fee. Landlords usually have the power to control how much their properties are rented. For this reason, we highly recommend that you talk to your landlord if you have never done so before. Your landlord can tell you how much you can expect to pay on a specific apartment unit and can help you figure out your budget range.

Other important documents needed when it comes to renting apartments in New York City are your I-9 documentation, pay stubs, utility bills, and photo identification. Your landlord should be able to provide proof of employment for you if you have been employed within the past year. Proof of income will also help your landlord determine how much you can reasonably afford to pay. If you rent a room in an apartment building and do not have a rental agreement, your landlord should be able to provide you with a copy of this document.

Once you have filled out all of your forms and submitted them to the appropriate landlord, your next step is to wait for your approval. There will usually be an application process where you will be required to provide your bank statements, pay stubs, proof of income, landlord’s security deposit policy, and eviction history to see if you qualify for the amount of rent you requested. If you are approved, you will be notified by the landlord. The security deposit is usually returned in time to make your first rent payment. This is the entire application process, however, each landlord has their own policies as well as guidelines when it comes to the credit history of their future tenants.…

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How To Plan A Family Barbeque

Family barbecues suck. Just kidding, they only suck when you do it wrong. So, let us share how you can do it right. A lot of people dread family gatherings, be it for the intruding questions or the unavoidable conversations, some families just don’t get along that well. Nonetheless, a lot of people would enjoy family gatherings more if the food was good. People would never say no to good food. Thus, as long as you can prepare great food for the gathering, people would enjoy it.

shutterstock 451311433 830x554 - How To Plan A Family Barbeque

It’s also known that people mostly enjoy barbecues when it comes to gatherings. This is because it’s a fun activity to do with your family and nothing brings your family closer than food. Especially when the food is barbecued. Moreover, barbecuing kind of gives families a chance to bond while the food is being cooked. Having to be outdoors is a plus too since you get to enjoy the fresh air. However, if you’re not familiar with how to manage a barbeque, let me guide you:

Make A Checklist

Make a checklist of every single thing that you have to do. The most important part is to estimate how many people will be there. This is so that you know how much food to get. Other than that, plan out the timing of the occasion. Most people prefer to do it around the afternoon or early evening. Make sure you get every single thing needed, for instance, plates, cups, utensils and everything else you might need. Once you’ve figured out what you’d need for the whole occasion, set a budget for each category you have to spend on and make sure you do not go over budget when you are buying.

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Go Run Errands

Now, after you’ve made the checklist, it’s time to actually go do them and check them off the list. For things like charcoal or metal skewers, you could go to any hardware store available. On the other hand, a grocery store should have everything you need in terms of food. Usually, people would get proteins like chicken, beef, or shrimp. You could also get potatoes to make baked potatoes. If you feel like you’d waste your time in the grocery store, worry not because with technology nowadays, you could simply get everything delivered to you like fresh seafood delivery Kuala Lumpur.

Make Sure You Have Extras

This is very important. As mentioned earlier how you would have to estimate how many people would be coming, when planning your budget, estimate how much everyone would eat too. An average human would probably have 2-3 pieces of protein and 1-2 servings of everything else before they’re full at a barbeque. With that, buy a little bit extra of everything just to be safe, but do not buy too much, just slightly extra for emergencies. 

Check Safety Procedures Beforehand

Last but not least, since barbecuing involves fire and burning substances, it’s always safer to take precautions. For instance, keeping a fire extinguisher close by. Thus, this will surely help you plan a better barbecue session.…

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