What Will You Need As A New Mother?

The postpartum phase begins after your kid is born and concludes when your body has virtually recovered to pre-pregnancy condition. This phase typically lasts 6 to 8 weeks. Many changes occur throughout the postpartum period, both mentally and physiologically. You’re also figuring out how to deal with all of the changes that come with becoming a new mother. During the postpartum time, you and your spouse will also learn how to care for your infant and how to operate as a new family unit.

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That is why, you will need to know what is the best mother care in Malaysia that you should purchase in order to get mentally and physically ready for a whole new journey as a mother. Here are some things that you need to buy whether to pamper yourself or to ease your daily task with your new baby:

1.       Comfortable clothes

Once your baby is born, you will feel very exhausted and your postpartum stress will surely mess your heads up. Buying new clothes especially the comfortable ones will help you to feel good about yourself which will result in less unnecessary stress. But cotton and airy shirts, so you will not feel hot and sweat throughout the day while being busy taking care of your newborn baby. When the mother is happy, handling the baby will surely be less of a burden.

2.       Breast pump

This is useful especially when you have started your baby on bottle-feeding because you will need to pump your breastmilk and freeze them in the freezer. It is a long-term investment as you might need it for a very long time especially if you are a working mother. It is also very helpful for the mother to get good sleep at night because if you have frozen milk, you can take turns with your partner to feed the baby in the middle of the night.

3.       Socks

During early post-partum period, the mother will easily get bloated especially in the middle of the night where it can be very cold or maybe your tiles are so cold. It results to back pain and soreness at the whole body which is not good. Wearing tight and comfortable socks will help you to even sleep better at night.

4.       Nipple cream

If you are planning to breastfeed your baby for a very long time, nipple cream can be the best form of mother care because you will need it for your nipples. Usually, breastfeeding mothers will experience cracked nipples and even worse it will lead to small bleeding. It can be very hurtful and uncomfortable at times which will affect the mood and emotion of the mother and also might be the reason why your baby will refuse to latch on.

5.       Healthy food

Everyone should eat healthy food in order to get a healthy life but there are actually a lot of foods that help mothers during the postpartum period. It can be for the labour wound or healthy stomach and even for increasing the production of breast milk. As a mother that breastfeeds your baby, these foods should be taken into consideration because it will help ease your worry. …

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