Pioneering Medical Education in Malaysia

RUMC, or the Malaysia Campus, is a name synonymous with excellence in medical education in Malaysia. In this article, we will delve into the significance of RUMC, explore its state-of-the-art campus, and understand why it’s instrumental in shaping the future of medical education in Malaysia.

image - Pioneering Medical Education in Malaysia

Unveiling RUMC

RUMC, short for RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus, is a branch campus of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) and University College Dublin (UCD). Established in Malaysia, RUMC is dedicated to providing world-class medical education that meets global standards. It is renowned for its commitment to producing skilled healthcare professionals who contribute to the well-being of communities.

Our Campus: A Hub of Excellence

RUMC’s campus is a testament to modernity and innovation, designed to nurture the medical leaders of tomorrow. Key features of our campus include:

  • Cutting-Edge Facilities: RUMC boasts state-of-the-art laboratories, fully equipped with the latest medical equipment. This provides students with a hands-on learning experience that prepares them for real-world medical challenges.
  • Learning Spaces: The campus offers a variety of learning spaces, from traditional lecture halls to interactive classrooms. This diversity of spaces ensures that students can engage with their studies in the most effective way.
  • Library and Resources: RUMC’s campus houses an extensive library stocked with medical literature and research materials. Access to such resources is crucial for comprehensive medical education.
  • Simulation Labs: Simulation labs mimic real clinical settings, allowing students to practice their skills in a controlled environment. This prepares them for clinical practice and builds their confidence.

The Importance of RUMC in Medical Education in Malaysia

  • Global Recognition: RUMC’s affiliation with prestigious institutions like RCSI and UCD means that its graduates are recognized and respected worldwide. This recognition opens doors to global opportunities for aspiring medical professionals.
  • Quality Education: RUMC is committed to delivering quality medical education that adheres to international standards. This ensures that graduates are well-prepared to tackle healthcare challenges both in Malaysia and abroad.
  • Meeting Healthcare Demands: Malaysia’s healthcare sector is growing, and there is a rising demand for skilled healthcare professionals. RUMC plays a crucial role in meeting this demand by producing competent doctors who can contribute to the nation’s healthcare system.
  • Research and Innovation: RUMC’s focus on research and innovation in the medical field contributes to the advancement of healthcare in Malaysia. Research conducted on our campus has the potential to improve medical practices and patient outcomes.

Medical Education in Malaysia – A Growing Field

The field of medical education in Malaysia is experiencing a significant expansion. As the country continues to invest in healthcare infrastructure and expertise, the importance of institutions like RUMC becomes even more evident. Key factors driving the growth of medical education in Malaysia include:

  • Healthcare Investment: The Malaysian government is investing in healthcare infrastructure, making it an attractive destination for medical education and practice.
  • International Collaboration: Partnerships with international institutions like RUMC bring global expertise to the local medical education landscape.
  • Diverse Healthcare Needs: Malaysia’s diverse population requires a wide range of healthcare services. Well-trained medical professionals are essential to meet these needs.
image 1 - Pioneering Medical Education in Malaysia


RUMC, the RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus, stands as a beacon of excellence in medical education in Malaysia. Its state-of-the-art campus, global recognition, and commitment to quality education make it instrumental in shaping the future of healthcare in Malaysia. As the field of medical education in Malaysia continues to evolve and expand, RUMC’s role becomes even more crucial in producing competent and compassionate healthcare professionals who will serve and uplift the nation’s healthcare sector.…

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Queue Management Kiosks in Malaysia: Why You Should Use It


In Malaysia, queue management kiosks are becoming increasingly popular as they offer an innovative solution to businesses that need to manage customer flow and wait times. A queue management kiosk is a self-service kiosk that allows customers to check-in and track their place in line. In this article, we will provide an overview of queue management kiosks in Malaysia, including their features, benefits, and advantages.

Features of Queue Management Kiosks

centro de saude de carvide improves their waiting queue management system 1 - Queue Management Kiosks in Malaysia: Why You Should Use It

Queue management kiosk in Malaysia  come with different features, depending on the specific needs and requirements of your business. Some of the common features of queue management kiosks include:

a. Self-Service Check-In: Queue management kiosks allow customers to check-in and register their details, reducing the need for manual check-in services.

b. Virtual Queue Management: Queue management kiosks can also manage virtual queues, allowing customers to wait in a digital queue instead of a physical one.

c. Real-Time Queue Monitoring: Queue management kiosks provide real-time monitoring of the queue, allowing customers to track their place in line and estimated wait times.

d. Customizable Interface: Queue management kiosks come with a customizable interface that can be tailored to the branding and messaging of your business.

Benefits of Queue Management Kiosks

180847 11224623 - Queue Management Kiosks in Malaysia: Why You Should Use It

Queue management kiosks offer several benefits to businesses in Malaysia, including:

a. Improved Efficiency: Queue management kiosks can improve the efficiency of your business by reducing wait times and streamlining customer flow.

b. Enhanced Customer Experience: Queue management kiosks can enhance the customer experience by providing a user-friendly and efficient check-in process.

c. Cost-Effective: Queue management kiosks are a cost-effective solution for businesses, reducing the need for manual check-in services and lowering overhead costs.

d. Improved Service Quality: Queue management kiosks can improve the quality of service by allowing staff to focus on customer needs instead of manual check-in services.

Advantages of Queue Management Kiosks

siramatik kiosk 2 - Queue Management Kiosks in Malaysia: Why You Should Use It

Queue management kiosks offer several advantages to businesses in Malaysia, including:

a. Customizable Solutions: Queue management kiosks can be customized to the specific needs and requirements of your business, providing a tailored solution that meets your unique needs.

b. Scalable Solutions: Queue management kiosks can be scaled up or down depending on the size and growth of your business.

c. Easy Installation: Queue management kiosks are easy to install and require minimal training and support.


In conclusion, queue management kiosks are an innovative solution that can improve the efficiency and customer experience of your business in Malaysia. They offer several features, benefits, and advantages, including self-service check-in, virtual queue management, real-time queue monitoring, customizable interface, improved efficiency, enhanced customer experience, cost-effectiveness, and improved service quality. If you are looking for a queue management kiosk for your business in Malaysia, it is recommended to purchase it from a reputable supplier to ensure its quality and reliability. With proper installation and maintenance, queue management kiosks can provide a reliable and efficient solution for your business.…

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3 Key Strategies To A Healthy Family Relationship

image 2 - 3 Key Strategies To A Healthy Family Relationship

Family plays a big part in our lives. More than ever, it is crucial for us to understand the value of family. The definition of a family and what it stands for haven’t changed despite how contemporary and evolved the world has gotten. You can turn to strong family ties for support, wisdom, and reassurance when you’re under stress. They also provide you with a sense of acceptance and unwavering love that you are unlikely to find elsewhere. When families are healthy and largely stress-free, they can be a source of happiness. They can be a reliable source of support when they are in good health, to the point where having a good family relationship can benefit your health and wellbeing. That’s why it is essential to invest in a family medical insurance policy Malaysia to secure a better future for your family. 

A large part of your happiness, prosperity as well as physical and emotional well-being is reliant on your family. Making changes in your family life can foster closer ties among family members and avoid conflicts from getting in the way of everyone’s enjoyment. A strong family relationship can offer you the sense of belonging and security you need to overcome obstacles in life and achieve your goals with courage and confidence.

Many of us spend too little time focusing on maintaining our closest relationship with our family as we are too busy juggling everyday workloads and expectations. In this article, we’ve covered a list of key strategies that you can do to ensure a healthy relationship with your family.

image 3 - 3 Key Strategies To A Healthy Family Relationship

1. Spend Quality Time Together

The best thing that you can do with your family is to spend quality time together. You don’t have to plan for complicated or expensive activities. The most simple thing that you can do is to set a family time every day when you can talk about different things, current issues, daily routine, or just joke around. There are so many fun things that you can do with your family to kill some time like playing board games, preparing meals, or just watching movies together. Doesn’t matter what the activity is, the time spent with them is what matters the most. 

2. Celebrate The Little Things Together

Who doesn’t like to be celebrated? Exactly, no one! Make celebrating birthdays, achievements, and other important dates together with your family, a tradition. It doesn’t always have to be a celebration at a fancy restaurant, you can just do fun activities together as a family. It is good to stick with the tradition but to add more fun, you can vary the activities during the celebration.

3. Improve Communication 

Another key strategy to maintain a healthy relationship is to respect the opinion of your family members. It is always good to listen to what they have to say and give them a chance to express their feelings instead of interrupting or dismissing their words. Keeping open and respectful communication between your family members is the best thing your family can do to develop trust and make the family relationship grow fonder. …

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What are the materials used in lab design?

Laboratory design is used to refer to any of these design and construction of a laboratory, one phase of a laboratory, or the construction and operation of a particular kind of laboratory. In Malaysia, laboratories can be categorised into three types: academic, research and clinical. The materials used in lab design are typically varying from the white-walled walls to steel panels. Laboratory design is a type of interior design. It deals with the creation of the interior of a laboratory or research facility. Labs are typically used for educational purposes in university settings, for the research and development of new medical products such as drugs, vaccines, and chemicals, or for other types of scientific exploration.

Lab Design Insert Image 830x415 - What are the materials used in lab design?

Laboratory design usually involves material choices, as well as planning for the lab layout. Materials vary depending on the use of the lab. For example, labs that require a lot of electricity are typically designed to be air-conditioned, while those that primarily function in very cold temperatures may require space heaters. All lab designs start out with a blueprint that is used to determine how much space is needed and where. It should also include the materials that will be used, what can be recycled, and what construction methods are allowed. Once the design is done, it might need some alterations before it’s ready for use. Materials used in lab designs depend on the type of lab being created. Materials used in lab design include metals, plastics, and woods. Some materials that are frequently used are steel, aluminium, copper, fibreglass and stainless steel.

How has lab design evolved over time?

Materials used in lab designs vary when it comes to the function of the design. For example, a lab bench might be made of metal because the metal is sturdy and can withstand a lot of weight. The desk would be made out of plastic because the materials are lightweight and they will not scratch surfaces. Laboratory design malaysia has been a major contributor in the development of lab design. The country’s economy is based on manufacturing, and its design industry is one of their top priorities. Malaysia currently uses iron and steel design malaysia materials for their lab designs. It also uses aluminium, stainless steel, and other metals for their lab design needs as well. There are many materials used in lab design. Some of the most popular materials include wood, glass, chrome, and stainless steel.

A lab is an important place for work. It should be safe, functional, and aesthetically appealing. Materials used in lab design are typically acrylic sheets that are cut into different shapes and sizes. Acrylic sheets can come in many different colours, which can help to create a particular atmosphere in the lab. There are many materials that can be used in design, with different properties and purposes. One of the most common materials that is used for laboratory designs is stainless steel. Stainless Steel is corrosion resistant, doesn’t corrode, and resistant to rust, which makes it a highly reliable material for lab designs. Another material that is commonly used for lab designs is plastic. This material has many different uses in laboratory design, such as use by transparent containers or as part of the enclosure for electrical equipment.…

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How to take care of your health during pregnancy?

It is important to take care of the health of both the mother’s and their baby’s health during pregnancy. This is a happy yet crucial time as both mother and the baby need to be perfectly healthy during and after pregnancy. New moms need to take care of themselves even more with the baby in their belly. There are many things to consider during pregnancy time. If you are a new mom looking for things you need to do during pregnancy to maintain your health, this article is for you. 

pexels pixabay 51953 830x550 - How to take care of your health during pregnancy?

Balanced diet

First and foremost, during pregnancy time the most important thing to be careful about is what you are eating. It is important to take care of what you are consuming in this period as this will affect you and the baby. A balanced diet is the best way to eat your meals for both of you to be healthy. So what food is included in a balanced diet? You can eat meat, fishes vegetables, and fruits as long as you are not allergic to any of those. The portions need to balance. In order for your pregnancy journey to be a bit easier, you need to eat healthier food.

In terms of food, there are some ways for you to consume and not to consume. For instance, if you are eating fish and meat you need to cook it completely as some undercooked food should not be consumed by pregnant people. The amount of food and serving is important as it needs to be in the correct amount and not more or less. For vegetables, all of them need to be washed thoroughly and it needs to be cleaned properly. Mothers can add some dairy food into their diet as both baby and the mother will receive calcium to be stronger. The type of dairy products also needs to be chosen correctly as you cannot consume all types of dairy products. 


Nutritions are one of the important elements for mothers to be healthy. The nutrition will help the mother to be strong and it will help them during the pregnancy. Mothers need to be strong for their babies as the nutrition will also be received from their mothers. Apart from nutrition from eating healthy food and balanced food, you can also consume in the form of supplements. Some people are not fond of vegetables or they are not able to eat them during pregnancy time. Those mothers can buy supplements after consulting with their doctors and choosing the correct health supplements. You can buy some healthy supplements for pregnant women in Malaysia. 


Yes! With the baby inside your belly, it is hard to move around. However, exercising helps new mothers reduce any discomfort during pregnancy time. The discomfort is something you cannot avoid but you can certainly reduce it with the help of exercise. Moreover, exercises allow you to follow a healthy lifestyle. According to some women who went through pregnancy with exercising frequently, the delivery process was easy for them. However, you need to do the exercises that are certified to do during pregnancy. You can ask the doctors or experts to be safe about this.…

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Cyber issues and The Solutions with JomApply Unifi

One of the ways to counter this type of attack, and to increase the security of your network, is to set up a firewall l. A firewall, or firewall, is software or equipment intended to filter connections to your network. Concretely, the firewall allows or denies connections, depending on whether it identifies them as legitimate or not. These access authorizations can be done based on rules established by the administrator or automatically, for example according to the content of the network packets which pass through. A firewall can thwart an external attack or prevent a malicious act from within. Search for more info about JomApply Unifi so you can get the best choices now.

Unifi Malaysia 830x467 - Cyber issues and The Solutions with JomApply Unifi

Encryption of connections

Connection encryption, on the other hand, helps protect the confidentiality of digital data while it is stored on computer systems or transmitted over the Internet or other networks.

It is one of the most effective methods of protecting the information you collect or process in the course of your business.

Antivirus, antimalware and anti ransomware protection

The term virus has gradually deviated over the years. Basically, it simply designates, without assuming that it is malicious or not, a program that can be replicated from computer to computer.

In order to spread, it can hide in legitimate software, and thus deceive the vigilance of your firewall. It is for this reason that an antivirus remains useful and complementary to the firewall.

  • The  malware refers to malicious software, without distinguishing between different methods of attack. The term malware  therefore encompasses the Trojan horse, virus, or ransomware (or  ransomware ). But the term virus is often used today in the sense of malware, causing confusion.
  • For information, a study by Symantec estimated the increase in ransomware attacks   at 36% worldwide and 260%!
  • Today, antivirus, antimalware and anti ransomware refer to software with the same functionalities, allowing you to scan your system in search of unwanted people who have crossed your barriers. They are grouped together under the broader concept of “cybersecurity”.

Multi-factor authentication

When logging into an online account, the user must go through an authentication process, which usually uses a username and password.…

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What Will You Need As A New Mother?

The postpartum phase begins after your kid is born and concludes when your body has virtually recovered to pre-pregnancy condition. This phase typically lasts 6 to 8 weeks. Many changes occur throughout the postpartum period, both mentally and physiologically. You’re also figuring out how to deal with all of the changes that come with becoming a new mother. During the postpartum time, you and your spouse will also learn how to care for your infant and how to operate as a new family unit.

mother care 830x554 - What Will You Need As A New Mother?

That is why, you will need to know what is the best mother care in Malaysia that you should purchase in order to get mentally and physically ready for a whole new journey as a mother. Here are some things that you need to buy whether to pamper yourself or to ease your daily task with your new baby:

1.       Comfortable clothes

Once your baby is born, you will feel very exhausted and your postpartum stress will surely mess your heads up. Buying new clothes especially the comfortable ones will help you to feel good about yourself which will result in less unnecessary stress. But cotton and airy shirts, so you will not feel hot and sweat throughout the day while being busy taking care of your newborn baby. When the mother is happy, handling the baby will surely be less of a burden.

2.       Breast pump

This is useful especially when you have started your baby on bottle-feeding because you will need to pump your breastmilk and freeze them in the freezer. It is a long-term investment as you might need it for a very long time especially if you are a working mother. It is also very helpful for the mother to get good sleep at night because if you have frozen milk, you can take turns with your partner to feed the baby in the middle of the night.

3.       Socks

During early post-partum period, the mother will easily get bloated especially in the middle of the night where it can be very cold or maybe your tiles are so cold. It results to back pain and soreness at the whole body which is not good. Wearing tight and comfortable socks will help you to even sleep better at night.

4.       Nipple cream

If you are planning to breastfeed your baby for a very long time, nipple cream can be the best form of mother care because you will need it for your nipples. Usually, breastfeeding mothers will experience cracked nipples and even worse it will lead to small bleeding. It can be very hurtful and uncomfortable at times which will affect the mood and emotion of the mother and also might be the reason why your baby will refuse to latch on.

5.       Healthy food

Everyone should eat healthy food in order to get a healthy life but there are actually a lot of foods that help mothers during the postpartum period. It can be for the labour wound or healthy stomach and even for increasing the production of breast milk. As a mother that breastfeeds your baby, these foods should be taken into consideration because it will help ease your worry. …

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Can Dispute Resolution Save You financially?

Dispute resolution is the dispute settlement procedure between the two parties. Dispute resolution Importantly, the resolution of disputes can be a means to resolve conflicts without going to court.

In the absence of a circumstance when you need to settle conflicts inside your organization or with other parties, it is worth knowing and understanding ways of dispute resolution.

What is the aim of the resolution of a dispute?

Issue resolution is a means to resolve a disagreement or conflict, sometimes without going to a court and deciding on the dispute by a judge or a trial – which may be costly.

What is the alternate settlement of a dispute?

The conflict resolution process is commonly called alternative dispute settlement, suitable dispute settlement or ADR. The method may be utilized to try to resolve the majority of commercial issues. Four basic forms of conflict resolution are available.

Negotiations may be a beginning step for resolving disputes. All parties seek a mutual basis for a disagreement. These might be internal complaints relating to employment, managerial duties, or litigations with third parties, such as trading partners and investors.

The other party’s point of view is essential. But the disagreements are sometimes too wide, and the process of negotiations fails. This leads to the consideration of various conflict settlement solutions.


Mediation is a procedure by which the parties engaged in the disagreement meet, but it is with an impartial party – the mediator – which focuses on helping the parties in the dispute reach a solution with which either side can live.

The mediator is unbiased, and it is not his job to decide but to assist both parties in reaching a conclusion. Mediation is less formal and, as a consequence, far less expensive than arbitration and litigation processes.

In mediation, following a resolution a settlement agreement is drawn up which specifies what both sides agree to respect.


Arbitral proceedings are more formal. The issue is decided with an independent arbitrator. The parties offer proof and, in order to settle this issue, the arbitrator uses this information.

Issue resolution is when an employee is invited to aid the dispute to be resolved and to offer professional opinion regarding the best strategy.

Resolution of dispute Throughout the procedure, applicants deal with court proceedings and maintain all documents. The most expensive method of conflict resolution is generally litigation. If you go to court, the other party will probably also receive legal counsel from an expert.

LegalUpdates ADR 04 1180x560 - Can Dispute Resolution Save You financially?
Dispute Resolution

The parties on both sides of the disagreement must take their side so that the other party may grasp their position and decide and then agree on a settlement.

At the end

Disputes can almost never be avoided. Whenever acting or pertaining to relying on the information of this page, professional legal counsel should always be sought. If you are seeking further advice on Dispute Resolution, please visit AIAC for more.…

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Construction: Is Concrete A Good Material?

Concrete is a desirable material for numerous building applications because of its strength, durability, reflectivity, and flexibility. These characteristics make it a durable and long-lasting solution for a variety of home and business applications. If your key ingredient in the concrete is sodium lignosulphonate, it will improve the workability of the concrete and also reduce the hydration heat at the early stage of cement hydration.

These are the benefits that you can get if you are using concrete as the material of your building.  

sodium 830x436 - Construction: Is Concrete A Good Material?

1.       It is resistant to high temperature

Concrete is more resistant to high temperatures than wood and steel. The primary binder in concrete, calcium silicate hydrate, C-S-H, can tolerate temperatures up to 910 degrees Celsius. Although concrete is a poor heat conductor, it may store a significant quantity of heat from the environment. Concrete can endure heat for 2–6 hours, giving enough time for rescue operations in the event of a fire. It is used in high temperature and blast applications to fireproof steel.

2.       Strength and durability

Concrete outlasts other building materials by decades and actually strengthens with time. Concrete, surprisingly, strengthens year after year due to the cement component’s capacity to create connections with surrounding moisture particles. By adjusting the water, cement, and aggregate ratios, the degree of strength may be tailored to fit the demands of a given project.

The ‘nature’ of concrete makes it durable and lasts longer than other materials. It is relatively resistant to erosion, fire, rotting, corrosion, and weathering and requires little care and repair. As a result, concrete has a longer lifespan than many other building materials.

3.       Cost-efficient

Concrete buildings minimize operating expenses associated with operational energy consumption, maintenance, and catastrophe rebuilding due to its durability, resilience, minimal maintenance requirements, and energy efficiency. Cement, water, and aggregates are the three main components of concrete. All of these are inexpensively accessible in local marketplaces. That is why the production cost of cement concrete is relatively inexpensive when compared to engineered cementitious materials used in building.

It also has low maintenance cost because in contrast to steel or timber buildings, where weathering is unavoidable, concrete structures do not require coating or painting for frequent applications. Concrete’s coatings will be updated and refinished on a regular basis, lowering the maintenance cost significantly compared to steel or wood.

4.       Low carbon footprint

Concrete is a strong and durable material that can endure natural disasters, reducing the need for extra materials for restoration. Because concrete is frequently made from locally obtained materials, it takes less transportation and resources to get from one place to another. And, towards the end of its life, concrete may be recycled and reused, extending its natural lifespan even further.

As a conclusion, concrete is a really good material that you can use for your building because it will help you to save your budget and also have the best, sturdy building at the same time. It is resistant to high temperature, better strength and durability, cost-efficient and also helps the environment by leaving a low carbon footprint. …

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Where can I get some?

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Where does it come from?

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