Digital signage is the term for signs, billboards, and other similar displays that provide visual information, most frequently in open spaces outdoors. Digital signage typically takes the form of a small, portable billboard with an LCD, LED, or comparable display technology. The data to be displayed is typically sent to the display system by a content management system or other software.

It is typically used to display promotional information and s during external marketing campaigns. It is also well-liked in sectors like stock markets, hospitals, and airports that depend on providing real-time information to their clients or customers. The data that is displayed may take the shape of static data, graphs, pictures, videos, or streaming media. For further information you can check in this link digital signage monitor display Malaysia.

In the past, there has been some customer resistance with digital smart signage; But with the advent of the information age, the rapid rise of new media, digital signage has been widely used in all walks of life; As a functional representation of digital signing, the application value of the all-in-one LCD machine has undergone great innovation in the market. There are many benefits to using digital signage in shopping malls:

1. Add points to the image of the mall

Since digital signage can be the main sign in shopping malls, its function is to bring a high-tech look and feel to shopping malls; Users can interact with the brand’s digital media, so that young people can meet the overall experience of fun; You can use photos, images, movie files, and even your own favorite news.

2. Save costs for shops

Compared with the traditional door head design, it is easy to attract property and other communication methods, the advantages of digital signage are obvious; With the development and progress of society, the replacement of static posters and banners is very expensive. Digital signage can save steps from design to display. You don’t have to wait to print, and you have to pay extra shipping and insurance. Save management and maintenance resources, upgrade equipment;

3. More product placement

Digital signage can generate more advertising revenue opportunities, whether in retail stores or corporate communications companies; This is a sign of valuable real estate that can be rented without taking up space. We may combine web pages, video, audio, animation, image information and subtitle information; This system provides weather time and other elements from dozens of programs;

4. Speed ​​of digital signage

Through the all-in-one LCD terminal, shopping mall brand building can be carried out, and encouraging information such as weather information and clock reminders that people need can be broadcast to further enrich broadcast content. The Internet can be used to broadcast the latest information, promote various brands, and combine videos and pictures to form novel animations. Stability, operational performance, security, concurrent users and other aspects of digital signage systems in shopping centers are rigorously tested by various customers with high standards. So, it is natural to be popular with all kinds of people!

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